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    Dave Crofts

    Brilliant thank you. Yes, there has been a dreadful job done around the shocker mounts. Both sides are cut out from the top for some reason, right in the angle. I thought is was a frame switch originally. I'm quite happy to keep the forks although they need hard chroming, as usual! Looks as though it was ridden as intended and appears well sorted for work, to that again is something to look at. Thankyou for the 7mm sizes, that's good to get right.. The clutch lever is longer than intended, possibly off an earlier one to make it easier to lift. Odd about the frame number, it matches the engine see below. Wonder why its not in the records? Many thanks Dave.
  2. 001

    Dave Crofts

    Didn't allow pics, try again. Thanks Dave.
  3. 001

    Dave Crofts

    Sorry about the name, which is Dave, it wouldn't allow me to set this up! Oh how I love computers!
  4. Good evening everyone, having been absent from trials since the 90's, I decided to get back into it with classics of my era. I've plodded on a gas gas JTR recently, but decided to dig out my old Ossa. As you see she needs a total restoration job, but before I start I want to find out exactly what it is. The frame/engine numbers match suggesting a 79 TR 77 250cc. However there are a few issues. The lugs for the rear suspension look like they were cut and lowered! The front end may be wrong, check out the yokes, wheel etc. Other than that no spark, but the lump feels good. Would like to fire it up to listen to it. I've a pair of lovely gold wheels for it but is it what it says etc. Frame/Engine number is B-700001! Note clutch lever. Note flat sprocket. Thank you for your help.
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