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  1. Thanks! I am looking forward to meeting riders IRL for sure. I'm glad I looked up bikes with e-start, or I probably never would have learned about TRS' and I think the history of the company is cool, and the majority of reviews are positive. I'm really busy with work at the moment but hope to have some free time to start my trials education, soon!
  2. Hi, I'm Rebekah and my friend Luke (Sacramento PITS member) recommended this site. I've been street riding for 12 years and dirt biking for about four. I race (novice) both desert and woods. At 5'4 my greatest limitation is my height, but in general I do pretty well. So how did I end up here? My bf and I recently borrowed a friends Beta Evo - probably a 2011 or 2012. We've done some drills on it but I wasn't super impressed. We went to a group camp/ride weekend a week ago and Luke brought his 2021 Scorpa 300 (Factory I think). Wow - the difference felt night and day in terms of clutch ease and nimbleness. We practiced 6' circle turns, which I was able to manage after many attempts. I went back home and started looking at Scorpas and then went down the internet rabbit hole in my research. A friend of mine bought an Electric Motion because he lives in an urban neighborhood and a gas bike would get reported on, real fast. But I REALLY liked the idea of an e-start because I am fairly petite and though I can pick up my KTM 250 or Husky 350 all day long, I couldn't kick the Scorpa for sh!t. So then I googled trials bikes with e-start which led me to the TRS brand, which I'd never heard of before. I did some research to see what people think of the TRS' and the reviews are consistently good. I live in Nevada so I don't have to worry about registration regulations... I joined a few Facebook groups to see what the trial bike market looked like. In one of them, a guy posted that he had a few 21 and 22 TRS' left - he's a dealer in Colorado. I called him yesterday and we had a very nice, informative talk about the TRS R One vs RR and displacements. Long story short: I am putting a deposit down on a 2022 TRS RR 300 - expected arrival February 2022. I chose the 300 over the 250 only because my bf will ride it as well and he is quite a bit heavier than me. I do plan on putting a slow throttle on it, as well as the clutch from the R One, as it is an easier pull - I was told- I have small hands and carpal tunnel. I just got off the phone with the dealer, confirming my intention to buy. I sat down at my computer and was like, wtf - I just committed to a brand new trials bike. I know I did it, but my brain is still feeling like, whoa!! And then I thought about how little I know about trials riding and figured I should dive in here, and other sites, to educate myself! Till February I'll practice on the Beta we're borrowing... Ay yai yai! 😅 Pic below is from a very miserable 65 mile desert race a few weeks back. My only solace was my 1st place trophy 😝
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