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  1. I shall try those things in the morning, yes the shaft has a spring. I’m not sure if it’s overly tensioned. Both the dowels are there. The kick shaft appears straight and was straight on rebuild. I rotated the kickstart shaft by hand slightly before putting the cover on and the ignition flywheel span. However when the cover and clutch cable was attached there seemed to be no movement or feedback
  2. I’ve recently rebuilt the engine, replacing bearing, seals etc. Primary chain is okay. Before I put the clutch arm on the engine the kickstart has some feedback but doesn’t spring back and when setting up the clutch cable it goes to completely no feed back with no spring back. I followed how to set the kickstart shaft up internally and made sure it wasn’t knocked when putting the crankcase together.
  3. Okay Thankyou, I’m having trouble with the kickstart not engaging. I think it’s maybe how the Clutch lever is setup. I managed to re adjust the clutch plates but still have the problem of the kickstart not engaging
  4. Hello, I’m trying to adjust the clutch on my bultaco sherpa model 92. When I try and screw and nut they’re very tight, but also the whole clutch system spins with it. How can I hold it all still so I can loosen these and re set them in the right location.
  5. Thankyou for showing me what to look for.
  6. Do you have any information or now where I can look to make sure they’re all aligned correct ?
  7. Thankyou, I look at these parts aswell, yes I heated it when dismantling. Yes I’m in the UK
  8. Great Thankyou, yeah like Lorenzo said it’s a homer lite tank, made in Solihull Birmingham. I don’t know a huge amount about them but I really like how it looks.
  9. Okay great Thankyou, will it be obvious to see if they’re worn ?
  10. Hello, I started the project of rebuilding my my 1973 Sherpa. I’m quite young, without much previous knowledge. Regrettably. I’ve got the bike all apart. I’ve had the frame powder coated etc. However after taking the engine completely apart. With my lack of experience. I’m beginning to struggle and get overwhelmed. My hopes is to learn from this project and gain skills from it. So I don’t want to give up on what I’ve started. I’ve been using a few different manuals such as the Haynes one. I’ve bought some parts to replace, such as new gaskets, electronic ignition, clutch plates etc. However I don’t really know the key parts that should get replaced in a rebuild. The gears are my main concern, I don’t know if they’re worn or anything from looking at them. They’re so many parts to the gears, which panic me to go wrong with. So what I’m asking for is advice really, or perhaps someone willing to allow me to massage regularly on a private basis, so I can ask (many) questions. On the rebuild and parts etc. any help would be massively appreciated. thanks, Mark.
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