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  1. Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I was going around 25 mph when I had my little crash. I did use both brakes however there was nothing in the world that could have stopped that from happening. I know that this is sacrilege and I will most likely be crucified for saying this but I intend to instal the fork off of my NX250 and have disc brakes up front……. The length of the NX fork is almost identical to the TLR200 fork only it’s a 37mm fork as opposed to the 33mm unit on the Reflex. I’ve already sourced the wheel from an XR250L to run on it as this will bolt right up with room for the speedo drive. Im actually planning on using the brake hub from the NX250 as well once I get a wheel with a 111mm drum that fits. I am almost done building my son his first dual sport by updating an 89 NX250 with disc rear brakes, upgraded shock, USD forks, and a 21/18 wheel combo. This will be my second TLR200 build. I loved my first one but I can’t wait to have good brakes!! I know how to get those engines to really move but hopefully now I’ll be able to stop as well.
  2. Okay, I know that this is sacrilegious to even suggest this ….but I want brakes on my TLR200 Reflex. Before everyone looses their minds and start yelling for me to learn how to ride and to use engine braking and what not let me explain. I am not fortunate enough to have a practice area in my yard nor do I have a way to conveniently transport my bike most days. I have a bike carrier that hooks up to the receiving hitch on our SUV but my wife is generally driving that, which means that I have to ride my bike TO the places where I can ride my bike. As you all know the brakes on the TLR are garbage. Being that an older lady pulled out in front of me the other day when I was on my Kawasaki Super Sherpa, which resulted in me laying the bike down, my mind is on safety. what I would like to do is swap out the TLR hub with that of something like an XL185 or something similar that has a regular sized 111mm drum on it. I know in the case of the XL185 I will either have to enlarge the axle holes on the swing arm or install different wheel bearings, but does anyone know if the width is similar? The hubs appear to be of the same design so I’m really hopping that they are close enough that custom spacers will do the trick. If anyone knows of some other wheel that will work please let me know although I am somewhat limited in my options as there are many bikes that were never sold here. ( such as the TLM220 which I have read is possible). I know how well a 111mm drum works because both my childhood XR200 and the several NX250’s I’ve had over the years all ran them (except for my current NX250 project which has a disc conversion!!) and they could lock up the rear wheel effortlessly at any speed. Had I been riding my Reflex the other day I surely would have taken a short flight after I T-boned that ladies front end because it simply can not stop worth a crap and engine braking is not an effective emergency maneuver. Thank you in advance for any information or help that you can give me.
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