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  1. Mike61

    Trl200 piston

    Will Honda generator part 13101-883-003 work in a trl200 reflex?
  2. Mike61

    Rs200 Piston

    Will the piston 13101-883-003 work in a trl200
  3. Mike61

    Trl200 piston

    I saw some 68mm pistons for generator,but they were from China. Where can I find Honda brand 67mm. Also what about XR or XL 200 pistons. I know they increase compression ratio.I’m not looking for a serious trials bike, just something for the woods.
  4. Mike61

    Trl200 piston

    I have a 1986 trl reflex that needs the cylinder bored. What are the options for a piston? Or cylinder replacement. I read something about a Honda generator 67mm piston.
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