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  1. Well, a year later, the problem is solved. I installed one of the new style Sherco rotors from an 09 along with some new red Galfer pads. I have been riding it for about a month and the squealing is gone!
  2. Okay, so I pulled the rotor of and broke the glazing w/ some 400 sandpaper, roughed up the pads a bit w/ some 80 grit, and applied the brake quiet goo. Just rode it yesterday for the first time. It stopped the squealing... for about 1/2 an hour. Ahhhh! While I had it apart I checked to make sure the rotor was floating and it appeared to be fine.
  3. Thanks for the input guys! I will check the alignment and give the "brake quiet" a try before switching rotors.
  4. Well, had our first event for the year, and the brake squeal is still there. I am thinking of fitting a different disc next. Possibly one that is not a "wave" rotor. Anyone know if the older rotors will fit an 07?
  5. Well, I put Jitsie pads on (they look like they are made of copper?) and I couldn't get it to squeal while riding around in the garage. Now, I will just have to wait until there isn't a foot of snow outside for the real test.
  6. When riding in wet conditions I seal the fender to airbox area with tape. It works quite well. When washing the bike make sure to seal off the filter. I usually just take the rear fender off and then tape the area over the filter.
  7. Didn't have any copper paste, but I did find some CRC brake grease. Tried that the back of the pads, but to no avail. I have Jitsie pads ordered. Will try that next.
  8. This isn't the "good the brakes are working squeal", this is the "obnoxious, make your ears bleed squeal" every time you touch the lever. It is so annoying. I checked the caliper and there is no fluid leaking out onto the rotor. I think I will try different pads next.
  9. The front brake on my 07 is stock and it squeals so loud I need to wear ear plugs to ride! So far I have tried draging the brake until hot and then quenching it with water (per Ryan Young's suggestion), and sanding down the pads. Nothing has helped at all! Anyone have any suggestions???
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