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  1. Have bought a PWK 28 for my 2005 320. Could somebody point me in the right direction as to what jets,needle and settings to run on i am about 500 feet above sea level. Its not that it needs it as it runs very well im just having a play with some different things ....... Thanks
  2. Could anyone tell us how to tighten the cam chain on my 320 or is it automatic as i have a ticking comeing from somewhere but not sure what it is. Has any body adjusted there tappets if so whats the best way thanks. I can only find very limited information about this bike.
  3. dogma


    Hi yes thats the type 6 bolts and the brake on top, i would be forever in your debt thanks
  4. dogma


    Could any kind hearted individual with a 2001 sherco 250/290 do me a massive favour i need a measurment to rebuild my wheels??!! you do not have to take them out just put a streight edge along the flat of your disc (long enough to reach the outside of your wheel) and then measure the distance from the inside edge of the streight edge across to the top edge of the alloy rim this will give me the offset for the wheel builder man. HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED thanks
  5. dogma


    Could anyone tell me what the offset is for the front and back wheel for a 2001 2.5 i took mine apart thinking i was helping the nice man who was installing my new spokes but instead cocked the job up (how was i supposed to know what offset was??)
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