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  1. Hi all i have just put a full new front brake resiviour and calip system on me 4t and its making a right racket and its horrid, dose it just need breakin in exscuse the pun or do i need to do some type of trick to get it to just shut the xxxx up n do its job please help cheeers den
  2. Hi all it was the timing chain tesioner thanks very much for all yr advise n thanks TRIALS UK for yr support! PS ill square my profile up
  3. i have the same bike and also experienced this problem! Its happened twice both times it was on the same long climb that has very steep at the finish, the revs were quite high as i rode over the top and as i apllied the clutch it just carried on, i shut off and apply the clutch again and its back. i dont seem to notice any lightness on the clutch or any other problem for that matter! a bit scary to say the least as there is a shear drop yon side of the climb ? Im gonna take a look at the advise already given but just thought i would mention it regards den
  4. hi im from barton on humber south humberside! I have sent aload of emails out and TRIALS UK was the only one who came back and has helped me up to now. with out seeing it he recons the timing chain tensioner as well. the oil seems to be coming from just behind the top of the triangular side plate on the barrel either that or the head gasket behind it as it overlaps. i have checket the breather pipe and it was not pinched! so im a bit confused, i have emailed sherco regarding the problem and requested a manual as there is not one for a 4t 08 on there. im kind of hoping that it is the tensioner and the side plate gasket! but never the less im a worried bloke at this point. dont fancy droping the engine at all! thanks again den PS ill square my profile up
  5. Hi n thanks Compmech : i did check the water n oil levels when i bought it so maybe i will check that i did not pinch the head vent off when i replaced the tank! if i did is the gasket knackerd? Im afraid the other details you mentiond are beond my knowledge barrier im afraid Madforit: a guy approched me who is experieced and was observing at the trial he said that my bike had started to sound different towards the end n i had also noticed so im very wary! God ive just realy got to like this bike one of me fave trials is comin up at weekend n im not gonna be riding at this rate p a n t
  6. Hi ive recentley bought a second hand sherco 3.2 4t 08 and its runs and starts fine however it has just started making a ticking sound from the engine and there seems to be oil residue around either the barrel or the triangular side plate on the side of the barrel. this has now realy worrried me and im hoping somebody can help me? thanks den!
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