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  1. hi guys anybody know where i can get a tank cover fo my mono thanks , ps i know probably not the right place to post but i couldnt get signed in to classfieds
  2. hi guys im in the middle of sortin my ty250 mono you know that 40 quid pile i bought anyway its got a steel tank on it and its quite rusty inside and was wodering what i can do to sort it , it already has bits rattling around in the bottom and i wondered if there is anything like cure rust i can treat it with , might sound like a daft question but ive been outbid on every tank on evilbay thanks ps anyone know where i can get a tank cover?
  3. yes i thought it was a bargain i gotta put new mains and oil seals in it once i can get the bolt out the rear swing arm replace the swingarm bushes and bearings then its just a case of cleaning repainting and reasembly , im not after a show winner just want a tidy reliable bike as im new to trials . dont supose anyone knows a trick to getting dents out of a steel tank?
  4. hi all been on the site a couple of weeks now thought id show you my ty250 bought from a neighbour for 40 quid currently in the process of stripping and rebuilding the engine and thanks to tim for advice yesterday
  5. jw73

    Ty 250

    hi guys can anyone help im trying to remove the engine in my ty250 mono but i cant get the bolt out that runs thru the rear of the engine case and the swingarm, i have tried heat, wd40 and i just cant get it to move and cant replace the mains and oil seals till i get it out thanks in advance j ps runing out of knuckles to skin now
  6. thanks guys much appreciated hopefully get it rebuilt buy the end of next week now
  7. hi all just a quickie need to replace the main bearings in my ty and have found out that the part number is a 6206 c3 thing is are the bearings handed left and right or can i just buy a pair of bearings thanks
  8. alright guys been lurking on here as a guest for a while and thought i'd join up an say hi will probably be bugging some of you ty guys for advice in the near future, always wanted a trials bike used to do mountainbike trials but now moved to dartmoor and my neighbour offered me a ty250 mono in running condition for
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