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Chain Tensioner Spring


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New member here - although I've been reading posts for quite a while. I've picked up many helpful tips from you guys, but need to ask if anyone can help me with my current issue :

What is the best method to install a new chain tensioner spring ?????

I have spent a lot of time trying without success. The spring is so strong that I can't compress it enough to get the bolt started.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

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I had exactly the same problem with my Sherco. I found it impossible to compress the spring while the bike was standing upright.

By laying the bike on its side, it gives you more leverage and it becomes pretty simple.

Good luck.

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Hopefully you already have the chain off soaking in hot wax on Mums AGA.

Try presassembling the chain tensioner arm, bush, and spring but dont hook the spring end over the tensioner arm.

Now turn the arm perpendicular to the swingarm (as if the spring was broken and the tensioner was hanging down like a pendulum?)

Holding the chain tensioner pad lift the tensioner arm vertically towards the swigarm allowing you sufficient grip and force to overcome the unwound spring.

Once the screw is tightened (T-handle allen key helps with the alignment) lift the tensioner arm up to its normal horizontal position, then you can loop a wire over the end of the spring to pull it down and hook it over the tensioner arm.

As always safety glasses,patience, and someone else's fingers to pinch are essential.

Good luck. :thumbup:

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Thanks to you both, beta rider & Shercoholic. I appreciate the replies.

Shercoholic, my chain is off - I'm replacing it with a new one. I've tried a method similar to what you recommend, BUT I have had the spring end hooked over the tensioner arm. No wonder I've been having so much trouble. I will do as you suggest and leave the spring end unhooked. After securing the allen bolt for the tensioner, I will use a spring puller to hook the spring end to the tensioner arm.

Thanks again !

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