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Ssdt Refueling Progress.

charlie prescott

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Don't worry, we're not just sitting back and enjoying the sunshine!

We've got a sub-committee who have been working on this since the end of the last trial, but you've got to bear in mind that we all have families and full-time jobs, and the SSDT has to fit in around that (although it's quite often the other way around!!). The guys on the sub-committee have been working tirelessly in the background to pull together all the legislative information that we need and contacting various bodies to make sure we're going the right way about it all. As soon as we have anything to report, it'll be reported.

In the meantime, keep the ideas coming!

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Hi Guy's

Hi HL,

I know every one on your commitee is doing there job.

But I just thought the topic should be kept to the fore, so will mention it now and then, as people forget as soon as the Headlines fade. And I'm sure the answer is out there some where. And If you need help just shout to us all.

Kind Regard's Charlie.

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