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Replacement Handle Bars And Grips


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hi, i was thinking of replacing the handle bars, (for higher ones) and the grips too, any idea which ones to get, also i want to change the lever for the front brake for an longer one as the original doesn`t seem long enough because of the accelerater, not sure what to get though ? any advice would be great !

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If you dig through the posts you'll find that the handlebars are standard bike parts - you can go to your local bike shop and pick some out that you like. Likewise, I'm pretty sure that the handlebar stem is a standard bicycle part; buying a raised stem might be a better way to raise the handlebars. Same thing for the brakes, but don't be too quick to change them - the brakes should work well enough that you only need a couple of fingers on them and it's not a bad thing to have a lever that can clear the rest of your fingers.

As far as grips, I'm not sure, but do a search on grips in this forum and I'm sure you'll find something.

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I put a par of Pro Taper SE 7/8" bars on my sons 12.5". They are the school boy high bend. I cut approx 1.5" off each end to narrow them up. They are

still about 2" wider overall than stock and approx 1.5" taller than stock. They have helped him with his control in slow technical situations. I put the black bars on so they look trick also. I also put Red grips on the bike that are aftermarket grips used on bikes like Honda Z50's.

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just out of curiosity, what stem are you using? I picked up the same set of bars you recommended

however the stock clamp diameter is either 25.4mm or 31.8mm. With the 7/8" bars I'll need to go

with another stem.

Appreciate the help.

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I cut down a pair of Domino trials grips that I removed from my Montesa, along with bar-end protectors, and installed them on my son's Oset. It works very well for him - much better than the awful stock fat-ass grips. BTW, I consider bar-ends necessary to protect the fragile throttle, which I've already had to replace once after the housing cracked from a crash in the middle of my son's first race. My son was devastated that he couldn't finish the event. Tip: the bar-ends which I had were too skinny for the Oset's handlebars, but it was the day before a trial, so I just wrapped some electrical tape around the expanding portion until it matched the handlebar I.D. and then I hammered bar-ends into the handlebars. It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but it has worked so well that I've just left it as is.

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