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  1. Check your fuel cap for vapor lock. We did have a bad gas cap valve on a 2011 250 4T. When the bike gets warm and stalls open up the gas cap and see if all is well.
  2. I do not see a link to the NATC Hall Of Fame?
  3. I feel that it is easy to say that it could be the new bike or it could be going from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke and maybe these things helped a little. However all the bikes made today are very capable bikes. The rider makes the difference. Nobody could of touched Pat the last couple of years and it was due to his strict training and riding ability. Pat could of had the same results on any make of bike! Why? because he was the best rider out there. Cody is in shape and is very solid on the bike this year. I would have to say he has worked hard this year in the off season and it is now showing! Lets make sure we give credit where credit is due. My guess is hard work has brought him up a level. It is going to be a great series between Pat and Cody for sure! Both top notch professionals and great representatives for our sport!
  4. Biff So with all this rain I am thinking of trying to add pontoons onto each side of the Beta. I think if I can add some paddles to the tire I could get it up on plane. Hopefully parking lot is not all under water!
  5. Biff, that picture is awesome. I don't often laugh out loud but that one still has me laughing. Pat you can only do what you want but how in the world can you not feel motivated after what you have done in your last 3 rides oversea's?????? If that doesn't motivate you than I am sorry to say nothing will! EVER!!!!!!!!!! You have to do it for yourself before anyone else, just know that so many people are cheering for you to go back!!!!! Simply do the best that you can do and nothing more. This is your year! It is up to you to make it happen!
  6. Thanks to all involved with putting on the event. It is alot more work for the club when it rains to make everything rideable. Hope your lawn wasn't tore up to bad Sam and thanks for the use of the property and all the hard work. I think we have about 20 lbs of your dirt on each of our bikes.
  7. Well the weather turned out nice and made for a fun day of riding. Thanks Keith for the use of your land and the work you put into to it also. Thank You to everyone else that helped make it happen also. I think all had a great time and no one ended up face down in the river under 2" ice. Always a plus. Thanks to Gary for coming out to take pictures also.
  8. Sounds like fun Keith. It might be a good excuse to try the shoulder out and see if its working.. Does this mean I might have to clean the bike again....
  9. I wasn't able to ride yesterday but the EXP line looked nice. They all seemed to be on the medium side as far as difficulty however there did seem to be an awful lot of hopping for a club that is so vocal about not liking to hop?????? Each section had 1-3different spots where hopping was required. I believe it bacame a battle of arm strength and fitness. Biff rode in with a smile on his face and then fell over onto the ground. His forearms were pumped up larger that my legs. Seemed like a good day to ride and scores were where they should be. All in all looked like fun. Thanks to Metro for the time,property and efforts.
  10. No I did not get Martin's fall into the water but I did see it. It was pretty cool to watch thats for sure. Glad he was able to jump up and not have the bike land on him. Sections looked fun fo the most part however some were back to the old hop, hop,turn hop,hop stuff but the riders seemed to enjoy it. It was fun watching the big uphill on section 7. Not a section I would of liked at all but fun to watch for sure. My hat's off to Jim and Aaron for making that look so easy every ride. Congrats to Jim Gawne for the season #1 in Expert class. I know how hard he has worked and has had to put up with alot of pain with his several injuries. His love for the sport is obvious since he has ridden with bad back, knee's and wrist for a few years now. Expert class is no easy class to win, I think this year was the first year we had 4-5 guys that could of won on any given day. The rest of us kinda fought for the 6th - 10th spots but always had a good time. All seemed to have a good day, Thanks for the work..
  11. Congrats to the U.S. Men and Women's TDN Team! I really do not think that people understand how difficult the sections are at that level. For those that make negative comments maybe they can jump on a bike and show you how to do it! Again Great job!
  12. I put a par of Pro Taper SE 7/8" bars on my sons 12.5". They are the school boy high bend. I cut approx 1.5" off each end to narrow them up. They are still about 2" wider overall than stock and approx 1.5" taller than stock. They have helped him with his control in slow technical situations. I put the black bars on so they look trick also. I also put Red grips on the bike that are aftermarket grips used on bikes like Honda Z50's.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. As you all know it is difficult to please everyone. We also like the "old school" style sections, glad to hear that others do as well. They really reward the rider that uses body english and can hold a line. Finally good weather for a Great Lakes event!!!! It just wasn't the same without Zippy though? You out there Zippy??? everything Ok??
  14. Any updates on the Youth Nationals down at TTC? I have not seen results or anything on TTC site.
  15. I have what you are looking for. I believe I still have your contact information and will contact you with the spring information. I have developed 2 different springs for the EVO, one I call a medium duty and the other a Heavy duty. I recommend the medium duty spring for riders weighing between 180-225lbs and the heavy duty spring is for 225lbs plus. Several different spring rates were tried and I narrowed it down to two to keep it simple. I have one on our #1 EXPERT rider in Michigans bike and he has had very positive results with his. I have the heavy duty on mine and there is no way I would go back to a stock spring! So far all buyers have had 100% positive comments after trying them out. We will talk off line to get you set up.
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