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  1. Keith, Thanks again for a fun day in the woods. The weather was as good as it gets in Mi in December. Your guys obviously put in a great deal of work to develop the sections and it was appreciated. Gate trials is so weird as you have to accumulate points rather than avoid them. I had 330 points for the day. I wouldn't have that many points if you total up the last 5 years!! Anyway, it was good to see everyone. Thanks again for the effort it was a blast. - Don PS I can't wait to ride there w/o the snow and ice.
  2. Metro, Thanks for the great event, I had a blast. I thought the sections were perfect (lots of logs) and it was a great day to ride. I also got to ride all day (it's been a while) with my buddy Bob Cap and we had a ball. Congrats to Graham on the win in SR with 4 points, what a great ride. Thanks to all the other MOTA clubs for a great season of riding and fun. Can't wait 'till the Indiana 2 day in the spring!! - Don
  3. So, does this mean your going to get my bike dirty??
  4. Great Lakes members, Thanks for a great event. The sections were challenging but fun and I had great time riding them. You guy's really put the effort in and it shows. I can't really single out a favorite section, but the water sections and the long rocky uphill double were like the old school sections of long ago and it's nice to see them used again. The staircase was also fun to ride. (Once I found all the markers. Thanks Lester!!) I had a blast going over big exit rock in Rusty's section. All in all really nice sections and a fun event. Congratulations to Steve Widman for a most excellent ride in SR with only 10 points! Nice ride Steve. - Don
  5. Riders, We worked all day last Saturday riding sections in and the Mason family will be on the property all week long marking sections. Thanks to Jeremy and Keith using their many talents with a front end loader and a skid steer, we have a host of new and improved sections with lots of rocks that have been added. 10 sections each day and I believe only 4 of them will be used both days. This will be a great event for all classes. (We also have a new section that was an old basement and managed to get everybody in there.) Camping is of course available and plenty of riding for those that arrive on Friday afternoon. Don't forget, Saturday starts at 12pm and Sunday at 10AM. Hope to see you all there, it will be worth the drive. - Don
  6. Congrat's guy's on an excellent trials. I really liked the long, open, challenging sections. You really had to have a good ride to clean them, but nothing too difficult. All in all a real enjoyable day. Thanks again for a quality event. - Don PS All day long I kept thinking it's not raining and it's not 95*F with 95% humidity, am I really at a Great Lakes event ???
  7. Metro, What a FUN event!! You guy's really did a great job on the fun yet challenging sections. As usual, BC and I went at it all day long and had a lot of fun. Thanks again for a great (FUN) event. - Don
  8. You got my bike dirty...............
  9. Sam, Incredible trials as usual, I had a great time. The sections were fun and enjoyable to ride. It was nice to ride with riders from other states and make some new friends. All in all I think a great time was had by all. Can't wait until next year. Hope to see you in Flint. - Don
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