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  1. You are right. Must be this isn't the first one to do this.
  2. Yes I have been lookng at them, very usefull. Was hoping to hear someone else had a bike with the same symtems and what it took to fix it. Have the engine out, my flywheel puller didn't fit so now we're hunting for a different one so we can continue.
  3. About to start tearing into an 05 280. This weekend the transmission (I assume) started making a grinding sound only when in 1st and 4th gear. My guess is gears or maybe a bearing? We drained the gear oil and the magnet had a lot of metal on it, I'm talking a ball about the size of a big marble, all fairly small pieces and shaivings. Anybody had these symtems? Any advise before we tear it out and split the cases? This is the first time I've had to do any serious engine work on a Gasser. Craig
  4. Thanks for the replies. I had it back together before I read them. Seems to work so I must have done it semi right. Craig
  5. So the spring needs to come out of the case in the back and all come out together? I assumed that was the case but wanted to check. I am planning on waiting at this point until I have everything. Craig
  6. The clutch is ok just floating? What about the washer that seats in the back of the clutch housing, in or out? Not sure it matters I have the bolt coming too. Craig
  7. I have stripped the gears on my kick starter on an 07 300. I have parts on order but I can't seem to get the starter shaft out of the case. I know I am missing something but my first try the spring didn't want to let the shaft loose so I could get it out and change the gear. Someone tell me the trick. Once the parts get here I want to be ready, have an event this weekend. If someone knows the torque spec for the clutch hub bolt (also broken) you would save me searching the DVD. Craig
  8. As I recall the lighter springs started in '06. My wife had an '05 and I changed it to the newer spring which improved the feel a lot. She took a ride on my '07 and wanted her clutch to feel the same and after the upgrade it did. As a side note my son is riding that bike now and even in the higher classes (he rides ADV and some EXP) there seems to be no problem with the thinner spring, he works the clutch way harder than she did.
  9. The free play seems to be good. If it were the bolt it doesn't seem like it would work perfect then just lock up and back to perfect. I haven't taken anything apart yet, was hoping I wasn't the first person to run into this. Can't tell from the feel if it's in the master or the slave area. If I can catch it when I have a wrench handy I'll open the bleeder and that would perhaps show me which end to look at.
  10. gasgasmi

    07 300 clutch

    My 07 300 pro is having clutch issues. The lever will pull about half way and then it's like it catches on something. Just stops and you can't pull it any farther. So far it comes back if I just play with a bit. Don't wanna have that happen in a section. Seems like this may have been a topic a while back but I couldn't seem to find it. Anybody help me with an answer? Craig
  11. My son has an 05 280, wife a 10 250 and I have an 07 300. I like the way the engine makes torque the best on the 300, the 250 is a close 2nd and the 280 isn't my cup of tea. Hard to explain I just know I like the low end on the big motor. The 280 likes to more revs. If you can I would try out all three and see what fits you best. For me it's the 300.
  12. That is my way of thinking too Zippy. It must be the right way to do it if you and I agree.
  13. gasgasmi

    Txt 280

    My wife had the same issue with her's. Replaced the clutch spring with a later model (06 I think) spring and it's much better.
  14. I have an 07 300, kid has an 05 280 and wife rides a 10 250. I would buy another 300 if I was buying a new one but I like the wife's 250 better than either of the 280 pros we've had. The engine seems to run more like the 300 with better bottom end pull than the 280s. Even after re-jetting the 280s just don't run the way I like em to. Not sure about the newest 280s as I haven't been on one but I am guessing they are still like the older ones, seems to me as if you have to keep em at higher revs to get the pull.
  15. Turns out I have a cracked cover near one of the mounting bolts so maybe the new cover will hold the seal better. Seems like I am spending more on parts this year than ever.
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