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  1. redchoppa

    280 gear oil?

    Ideal thanks, what atf should i try then?? I'm always open to try new stuff i just got told not to use it by a couple of people, any tips for getting it in the very small hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. redchoppa

    280 gear oil?

    What gear oil should i use for a new 280 txt pro, everywhere i look it says something different and i dont want to put ATF in because its designed for auto gear boxes and not trials bike gearboxes. Thanks in advance.
  3. Santa has got me a 2011 280!! Been out for a quick play and i'm very impressed, front forks feel very hard, comp backed off and still feel hard, any ideas anybody?
  4. Thanks for the advise, i've ordered a new 2011 280 today. Now time to joint the gym!!
  5. Thanks for your advice, thats very interesting.
  6. Trials bikes always seem to suit different riders, they seem to be more personal than many other types of motorsport. I'm getting ride of the sherco because of the issues with the fuel tank and the contamination / hastle, the poor design of the fuel filter, it's location & the very poor design of the airfilter, if anything passes the air filter its down hill all the way to the bottom of the engine as i found out in my first trial & so have 2 x other mates who ride them. I didn't want to turn this into a this bike is good or bad debate more of info on the bikes asked about & there plus and minus points and why people like or dislike. I understand not everybody want to buy the same bike and thats fine, i'm just after some general info. I am leaning more towards the 280 for the fun factor!!
  7. Thanks for the reply's guy's I'm not looking for a bike that i'm going to get bored with quickly, i find the smaller engine models very easy to ride and very predictable, i'm more interested in having a bike that will make me smile rather than being ultra competitive. I'm a bit of a to old to worry about getting good so i might as well enjoy myself. Loved the power of the old 270 rev 3's, a lot of people thought they were a right handfull but for me it was just right. As for my 6 week old sherco, well lets just say its going back!! I'm not one for bashing makes models etc as i think they all have there issues and always will. Any more input is appreciated.
  8. Hi All, I'm thinking of buying a new 2011 gas gas and can't make up my mind which one to go for, 280 or 300. I liked the power of my 09 evo 290 and 2011 sherco 290 and didn't find them a handfull at all so i'm not interested in the 250, i like bigger cc bikes generally. I don't know why gas gas make 2 x bikes with the cc so close, (280 & 300). Has anybody riden / owned both and what are the plus & minuses about both bikes?? Any info greatfully received. Thanks.
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