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  1. It is no more. If you want to be my volunteer to maintain it, use the contact us page on the site. Otherwise I guess Google is your best bet.
  2. Also NATC MotoTrial site/blog can now be followed on facebook and twitter. Take a look, hope you like it! BTW, anyone complaining is automatically volunteered to do something about it! (serious!) Here is the url: http://mototrial.us/ Big thanks to Griff Wigley for an excellent new site and to Mike Codde for the fb page. Oh, we had an outdated US club directory that will not be continued. Try Google search. Take care! Brian
  3. Foot rotation does NOT add a point if using NATC scoring. Sorry for any confusion, gives us more to do at the meeting next year correcting the rules. Thanks! Brian
  4. Please go here http://www.natctrials.com/about.htm to understand how one would be invited to the meeting, it is essentially a grass roots thing where one demonstrates leadership qualities at the local club level, then works hard volunteering to do some tasks for their club and the NATC (the national series benefits). Lately, fewer Diplomats have been in attendance and we are undergoing a concerted effort to find younger, responsible members willing to volunteer to get some things done. I am concerned if there are NATC representatives that abuse their power, so please email me privately to share this information with me bbehling125@yahoo.com. Please clearly identify who you are, so I know the issue is legitimate, and I will address the matter. As to change...in 2010, a Clubman line was adopted...apparently hugely successful. Just HAVING a series is a big deal. The NATC constituent clubs work very hard to cater their events to the national riders and our 2010 organizing clubs did an awesome job. The NATC continues to strive to make a national event "easier" to do by supplying many things to the organizing club. If you have ideas for change (and are a nationals rider), get with your club representative and have him bring them to the meeting, or include it in your rider poll survey. Any idea needs to be fully thought through. For example, who is going to do "it" (whatever "it is), how does it affect the organizer? How does it affect the riders? Does it impact the rules? Etc. Thanks, and my best to all, Brian Behling, CEO NATC
  5. The NATC meets once a year, so nothing will get changed mid-stream. The NATC is comprised of leaders from the clubs nationwide, if you are not well represented, then send me an email off-line bbehling125 (at) yahoo.com. I am interested in getting meeting attendance from YOUNG, dedicated riders from clubs that are willing to do the hard work to host a national. Please contact your "local" representative to discuss future uses of any potential surplusses that the NATC may have as a result of our conservative approach to making sure the series will be a financial success for our organizing clubs. Just because something has been a certain way for many years does not mean we can't change it. And, we continue to seek good, reliable volunteers to take on tasks concentrated on assuring a successful series and a successful TdN Team. We appreciate all of the loyal riders that the series has and want to be fair to all when we contemplate changes. Sorry, but I am rarely able to visit this site. Thanks, Brian
  6. Schedule location: http://www.natctrials.com/ Hope to see lots of you out to participate next year!
  7. From Mr. Bill: Funeral is at 10:00 AM Friday Oct 6th, Saint Christopher's Church, 629 South Glendora, West Covina, CA 91790 I talked to the Belair family this morning and they said that Fred said not to send flowers, he preferred that you sand money to meals on wheel's or something in that order. He was sure proud to receive the NATC hall of fame award, he said that if it had not been for a lot of other people working hard he would have not received it. He thanks all that work so hard in the sport of trials. Mr Bill From Bill Brokaw: Fred has been a special friend of mine since he brought Martin and Mark Eggar to the 1971 Ute Cup trial. In 1972 Fred took a group of us to Spain to ride the European championship trials in France and Spain. The trip of a lifetime for me. Fred's leadership was something to behold. He was a remarkable combination of a kindly father and a tough first sargent. We developed a friendship that was strong despite the rarity of our shared time. I will miss our phone calls, his humor, and the love that flowed between us. I hope you knew him well enough to appreciate the strength of his character and what he brought to the sport he loved, although not as a competitor. Fred was brought into the North American Trials Council's Hall of Fame last year and his pride and greatfulness for that was quite evident. I am certainly glad that it was in time for him to know. Bill Brokaw Martin, please take care and we are all thinking of you. Brian
  8. To answer some questions, yes Roger used to ride trials. Lane is not automatically invited to the meeting. Like any other Club rep, one needs to attain a leadership position to be sent by their club. Thanks for the Gary Jackson info. We'll sort it out and post on the NATC site.
  9. It is my pleasure to share the most up to date list of the inductees into the NATC Hall of Fame: At the 2003 annual meeting, a committee was established to determine the process and recognition for selection as the most important trials persons in the United States. The class of 2004: Bill Brokaw Bill Grapevine Gary Jackson Bernie Schreiber Larry Wise The class of 2005: Wiltz Wagner Len Weed Marilyn and Wick Wicker Ed Youngblood Class of 2006: Roger Ansel Fred Belair Lane Leavitt Bill Mathewson Dave Seeley We welcome submission of photos, biographical or any other information about these individuals
  10. Somehow the AMA NATC Rules have an error that is hereby being corrected: In section 6.B.9, definition of Failures, the words "without forward motion" are to be removed. The effect is that no rider can push a stalled bike out a section without receiving a five.
  11. Breaking News: The Rhode Island Trials Club has agreed to host rounds 7 and 8 of the 2006 North American Trials Council (NATC) National Championship Trials Series. This came about as a result of the New York D4 club having some internal issues that prevented them from being able to host these rounds. The Rhode Island rounds will be held at North Kingston, RI on August 26 and 27, 2006. Contact information will be provided later on the NATC website: www.natctrials.org Thanks very much to RITC for stepping up to help keep the series readily available to all of our loyal east coast riders. Thanks also to several other clubs (NMTA, PNTA, MN) across the country that were preparing to change their plans to help out.
  12. Just a bit of clarification: Only invited representatives can come to the meeting. Why? It's my guess that this rule was developed over many years. The meeting can be most productive if we have people that have already demonstrated that they have the leadership skills to either be elected as their club president or are specifically authorized by their club as the club spokesman. There will be a renewed focus on this due to some recent events. We have a tremendous group of volunteers at the present time and all clubs should be proud that their interests are being tactfully presented at the NATC meeting. Not every proposal is as well thought out as we would like and we are trying to help the presenters think about all potential points of view. Some proposals may be accepted the second year (125cc class?). If you have a proposal that can't pass muster with your own club, it is unlikely to succeed with the NATC. What is clear is that every year we are, unfortunately, adding more responsibility onto the organizing club. This makes it harder and harder for clubs to see the benefit of hosting a national and this is a big concern. It is obvious that this year we had a little trouble filling out our schedule. I am still working on it. Any of you that really care could help by being an active club volunteer at the local level. Do your best to help build a strong club. That's where trials is really happening. Sorry I have not replied sooner, but I don't have the time to spend checking these boards as I would like and am leaving for a long weekend now. Take care and thanks to all of the good work out there! Brian
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