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Sidecar Wheel Lead

charlie prescott

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Hi Guy's

Well My brother has decided to fit a trials sidecar to the Ariel HS frame we have. To replicate the outfit that I used to passenger. My task in the operation is to build the chair. Have looked up all the sidecar dimensions In the ACU hand book and have used them as a guide to the build using the minimum measurements ,But trying to keep it looking like a Kendall as much as possible. Well it is to be named "Spirit Of 65". Well to stop rambling, What I need to know is the amount of sidecar wheel lead from the bikes rear spindle, that you boy's are using now- a- days , as it is a long time since I last built a chair, and my memory does not go back that far. Hope you can help? I think I need a chair to sit down on now.

Regard's Charlie.

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I'm pretty sure the lead used to be about 9" but modern outfits are 10.5".

Trouble is if you put 10.5" lead on a sidecar without a sidecar brake you will struggle to turn left on a downhill or a chair high camber.

But in contrast the less lead you put on the worse it is turning right.

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Hi Guy's.

Hi Robin,

Thanks,You should be the Boy to know. I thought I could remember, that we used to use about 9 inch lead but did not want to carry on with the build until i had confirmation . Its a long time since the sixties but i must have had it in the back of my mind , I can also remember competing with your dad though. Thanks again for the information will post a picture when we get the plot finished.

Regards Charlie.

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