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Hello from Canada


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Moved here from the UK back in the 80's (yeah, I know, but your only as old as you feel, lol) Used to ride trials but not much interest here so have ridden and raced MX for many years. Now I have a yearning with a couple of others to get on a trials bike again. Will probably buy new as there just aren't any used around. I raced MX on 4 strokes for the last few years as the 4 strokes really took over and wondering if it's the same in trials? Looked at Sherco , Beta GasGas and see they all have 4 strokes available, although they are quite a bit more. The last trials bike I had was a Sherpa 250T and my last MX was a YZ450F. Anyway any feedback is appreciated and maybe I'll get something started around here as we have some awesome terrain (as soon as the snow goes and I park my snowmobile)

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If you google the .........Alberta Trials Riders Association (ATRA) it will direct you to their website and forum. It would be a good starting point to post on the forum there and get some more info. As well they have their calendar of events for 2011. Hope that helps.


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