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Is Your Rl325 Too Firey?

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Do you find your RL325 a bit of a handful at low speeds? There are a few ways you can calm it down.

1. There is a hole in the barrel just above the exhaust port that get clogged with carbon. You can feel it in the top of the exhaust outlet as a channel, the hole is only about 2mm but if this is cleaned out it will make quite a difference at low speeds, that is what it is there for. There is no hole on the RL250.

2. The standard ignition system on the beamish is analogue and linear, you can get a mapped digital ignition that calms it down at low speeds but still give you all the power when you open the throttle.

3. You can fit a thicker head gasket to lower the compression ratio, you may want to do this if you are a beginner on a RL325.

If you want to improve your bottom end performance it is easily done for about £15 by fitting Hi-Tech fibre reeds. The Beamish manual suggest you change your reed petals every six month - I bet most RL325's are running on 30 year old reeds that are weakened through metal fatigue! Hi-Tech reeds are avaiable from Crooks Suzuki.

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