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02 Beta Rev 3, Need Help Upgrading Suspension.

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Well, I did the unimaginable.... yep, I rode a newer bike. (we all make mistakes). My Dad got an 11 beta evo, and it is SO nice. I ride int (USA), and I am not good enough to hop my front tire (At least I didn't think I was). I got on his bike and try it, and can actually hop pretty good! I can honestly say I would get way less points in trials, and with the wife if I bought an evo.

So yesterday we tore my front end apart, cleaned her up, put 5wt back in per specs, (I weigh 170lb / 77kg / 12.5 stone) and I really hoped for a newish feeling front end. Nope, feels the same. :-( Feels soft, I can bottom it out off a small jump or hard wheelie landing, and has little spring to it.

My bike is not in newish condition, but not been destroyed either. I have been reading a lot on front susp, and read I probably should replace my front spring as its old and probably wore out.

Is there newer springs that will make my bike closer to the feel and springey-ness of the fancy-shiny-evo?

Then there is the rear. I have never thought my rear susp was lacking... until now. I feel its adjusted where it needs to be.

Should I get the shock rebuilt? How much should this cost in the USA? I know I won't spend $700+ on a fancy new rear shock, as I don't see it helping re-sale value much at all, and I am eventually going to upgrade to an evo anyway. (But maybe a rebuild won't cost much?)

Thanks for all your help!

P.S. In case your wondering, I used 60mm measurement on right side and stroked all the air out to get that measurement, and 120mm on the left side, with no spring in it. Both sides fully compressed.

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Sounds like your suspension needs fine tuning. Do you have the sag with you aboard set at approximately 2"? Setting the ride sag would be a good place to start. Are you in the USA? I have an 01 Rev and I weigh 235lbs. I had to experiment with different brands of oil to get the right viscosity, but after finding the right oil my suspension works very good using the stock springs. I use the same oil in the forks and in the shock which I service myself. When I get home tonight I will look at the bottle and post up what it is.

Edit; This is the oil although I didn't buy it here this is a good deal. I put this oil in the shock and the fork. The bike feels very balanced front to rear. Not to fast or slow. A advanced rider who is your size rode the bike after i serviced the suspension with this oil and felt the action was fine for their weight skill level. If the fork dives or bottoms too easily you can raise the oil level a few millimeters at a time until you get the action you like.



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