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Scorpa 2018 Factory 250 temp and hour meter install

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New bike and wow how good is it ( ability of the bike is far higher than the operator!).
Decided I wanted to monitor engine temperature and keep track of my engine hours, fussy.
Trail Tech temp gauge left over from my KTM 500 exf with the radiator fin option (10mm) so considering the radiator fins are no where near this, used JB weld to glue the sender into position on the radiator header tank at coolant level. Several options for the temperature sender are available. Fan comes on at 61 degrees C, max temp the other day was 73 degrees C plodding around in ambient 25 degrees C, wonder what it goes up to on our 43 degrees C days we had 2 months ago. Good guide to see when the motor is warmed up and ready to get into it. Trail Tech are quality gauges and have built in batteries, neat as.


Mounted the Works Connection gauge to monitor the hours for oil changes and hours on a tank of fuel etc. Also does rpms etc. Trail Tech also have the hour meter as well.
Wrapped the sensing wire around the spark plug lead. Surprising how time passes in : hours while having fun.
Easy to see hours and temp at a quick glance where they are mounted, self adhesive tape.





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