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4-Ride Air Filter Maintenance | S3 Access Flap


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After realising that regular disassembly of the majority of the 4-Ride's rear end simply to check/clean/replace the air filter was a bridge too far, I opted for the S3 access flap kit... fitted today.

After careful cutting of the airbox using the supplied template, everything came together nicely; the kit provides adequate access to the filter, with only removal of the seat required and looks well thought through and engineered.

IMO, well worth the £59.99 outlay to facilitate air filter changes in minutes, as opposed to hours.

Can't recommend enough.





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19 hours ago, cord said:

Cheers, been looking at this, looks like i'll give it a blast, i too got sick of pulling it to bits for a filter swap. I've been looking at the gearshift relocation kit as well.

Yup, it's well worth the effort and looks the part, too. I see that the 'enduro edition' models offered by Colwyn Bay Honda (and others), have the flap fitted from new. 

I haven't looked at the gearshift relocation kit myself as most of the riding I do is trials-type stuff, so no real issue with the standard position for me. If it's a branded S3 product, it's sure to be well engineered and more than up to the job.

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