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Bult Sherpa Fork Staunchions

brian h

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Anyone know any 35mm diameter replacement fork staunchions for 325 Sherpa T circa 1977 - 78. Many Sherpa T forks are severely corroded, I am interested to know if anyone has found a replacement pair of new staunchions from another Trials bike make that would do the job ? Fork staunchions slighly increased in diameter could be accomodated in the Sherpa fork yolks.

As an alternative option, has anyone ground existing corroded Sherpa T fork staunchions, re chromed and stress relieved, etc ?

Brian H

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I've had a couple of Fantic stanchions rechromed by a company called HCS, you find them in the back of a Motor Cycle News. They were excellant the surface is slightly duller in appearance but the chrome is much tougher. I think it was about

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Thanks for the info Bultaco staunchions info, My own 1977 325T has good forks staunchions, however I am trying to help a mate. I agree the internet sources are probably the best source to follow up - especially from California.

Can anyone tell me if the Alpina forks have identical internal components to the Sherpa T - I am assuming they are all interchangeable and 35 mm o/dia.

Thanks Brian h

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