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Honda TLM Info Conrod Kit


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Hey there!

I had to change the Conrod Kit on my TLM 250´88 recently. As always there were no parts listed anywhere for this model!

After disassembling the crankshaft i found out that there is a conrod kit made for Honda NSR 150. Available through different manufacturers like TKRJ, Royal and some others.

This Kit has the same length and uses a 24mm conrod pin also. Only the conrod pin is to short for the TLM. So i had to order a TLM 220 pin from cmsl.nl.

All these parts were delivered in about a week and looked exactly the same as the original.

I believe all TLM models have the same stroke, so i think these parts might fit all models.

Please check before buying! :-) 

I can´t tell if anything was changed by previous owners on my TLM , but i do not think so.

Hope this helps and can save some time and money maybe!

cheers Bernd

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