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Hi guys,

So here I am contemplating another bike. 2 years back I had my workshop broken into and my bikes stolen. My main ride was a KTM SXF 350 and I had a li'l Beta Rev3 250 2007 for messing about on. I incidentally got the Beta back after it had been dumped (it was a bit rough to be fair) however after retrieval I left it in my van over night to have it nicked again and that was 3 weeks later after the 1st theft hmmmm something fishy going on there me thinks. Anyhoo Vowed I wouldn't ride or buy a bike again!!

Well my 'vow' isnt holding water, 2 years on and I'm feeling like ive lost a limb and am starting to look at trials bikes. My experience with trials is very limited I had a TY175 back in the mid eighties and a beat up Beta years later. My MX, enduro, hare & hounds days are over and so Im looking to just pootle about on a trials bike maybe at places like Cowm quarry.



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