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2019 vertigo vertical r won’t rev


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Hi all new to this group hopefully someone can figure it out?

right I have a vertical r 2019 250 

the bike will start and tick over soon as throttle applied bogs out, fitted new tps sensor and recalibrated with Wi-Fi.com still getting the same symptoms I’m 99% sure it’s the tps sensor I have tested the fuel pressure and is all correct! I’m falling out of love with it after spending a arm and a leg troubleshooting the problem? Initially the problem seem to occur after a trip to COWM where the bike was upside down running for no more than 5seconds bike ran all day with the problem occurring as I was going back to the van 

any help appreciated 

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I am not familiar with the Vertigo but nearly all TPS are some form of potentiometer, On a car the usually operate from just over 0 volts to 5 volts with the voltage changing smoothly as the throttle is opened. I suggest you find a garage that has someone competent with an automotive oscilloscope to check your TPS  operation. Give a vertigo motors uk a ring and ask them what voltage range should be.

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