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348 crankcase - lost and found


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Trying to avoid egg-on-face when I come to reassembly. In the middle of a strip down and rebuild of a spare 348 engine I bought a while back. All stripped down and parts labelled but… I've got a couple of left-over parts which I can't identify - can anyone help, please?


As you can see, there's a spacer and a needle roller. Found in the bottom of the gearbox and can't work out where they came from. I'm pretty certain they were inside the 'pocket' of the crankcase half where the gearshift shaft terminates. Both are 15mm outside diameter, spacer is 10mm in length, bearing 14.8mm. The only place they appear to fit is within the clutch side crankcase half where the end of the gearshift goes but, of course, that's where the gearshift shaft goes…

The only thing which comes to mind is that they are some sort of spacer/support for if there was a conversion to/from right hand shift as there is blanked-off area of the RH case which would suit for that.

Any answers?


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Now sorted - thanks to Facebook's Montesa Cota 348 group. There are two needle rollers and the spacer as shown on the output shaft. Needle rollers due to be replaced with new.



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