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  1. Hi, Just wondered if anyone had a new Kangoo and if they can fit a trials bike in the back? Cheers.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me the bearing numbers for the front wheel of a '10 pro and also the rose joint numbers for the rear shock? cheers.
  3. Unfortunately tomorrow
  4. The 1st round of the Huddersfield Falcon MCC novice and beginners series is to be held at Broggs wood, Lower Cumberworth. The venue is ideal for a beginner
  5. Thanks for your reply
  6. The 1st round of the Huddersfield Falcons 2011 club championship is to be held at Nethermoor farm this coming Sunday. For those who haven
  7. The 1st round of the Huddersfield Falcons 2011 club championship is to be held at Nethermoor farm this coming Sunday. For those who haven’t been to Nethermoor before it is a fantastic venue with plenty of natural sections. Deatails of how to get there can be found on the club website, The club has reverted back to TSR22A STOP ALLOWED rules for 2011 as the majority of riders seem to prefer them. This doesn’t mean that the sections are going to be stupidly tight with big steps and no run up. The idea is still to have nice flowing sections, challenging with nothing dangerous, but those who can do all that fancy ‘hoppin n bobbin’ can do if they so wish!!! As usual there will be three courses to choose from, a clubman suitable for most riders with some experience, or riding twinshock or even PRE65 bikes, a ‘50/50, and then a hard route for riders who want a bit of a challenge. Finally, the other good news is that membership and entry fees are to remain the same as last year, membership being £5 and entries £12.
  8. Thanks for all your help lads, just wanted a bit of reassurance really. I'l stick with 10/41 as I know I prefer it for the sections. Just have to make sure I'm not wasting time chatting while walking them!!!!
  9. I Know its been discussed a lot before on here but Ive got a few quetions that are on my mind! I rode last year and used standard gearing (11/42), I found 1st ok to use on most sections, maybe a bit high for some, but when you needed that little bit more second was to high. Also on the moors I seemed to be constatly be changing between 4th and 5th, though I found top gear fine on the tracks. I have since started using 10/41, and stll use 1st most of the time and find that second is a lot more useable when needed. Also I imagine 5th to be a lot better on the moors. I'm worried that I might be to slow on the road and tracks if I stick with 10/41, How much slower in terms of mph is 10/41? Also I notice that both beta and scorpa recommend gearing up, but can't find any info nothing on sherco. Do they just use standard gearing? Cheers.
  10. I'm going to repack my exhaust on my '10 250 pro and was just after some advice before I start the job. I've got some packing from GGUK, but was wondering how much of it I need to use, how tight it needs to be packed etc. Any tips welcome.