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  1. Ime pleased to announce that the rev 3 is now fixed ! After much stuffing around fixing little things, none of which sorted out the four stroking problems, we fitted a new stator and BINGO ! she reves out like a champion. Its now running sweet and will only get better with some fine tuning. I have now been told that rev 3's are prone to such problems. I think it cost around $300 aust. and worth every cent of it. Time to go riding
  2. Thats great news Kaosb1964 ! All the things you have mentioned are pointing to a lean mix as you say. I am of the belief that carburettor manufactures set a spesific float level for a very good reson, and any changes to it will affect its performance. Ethanol is a great fuel and has some good points but it has two main drawbacks, firstly you need more of it to make the same bang and secondly it absorbs water from the air readily causing gelling with some premixes and promoting oxidation. By adding bio blended fuels without jetting changes you are effectively leaning the mix a little. Personaly I only run 98 octane or higher fuel in anything that I want to perform. I too have noticed a marked inprovment in the engines problems after the carby work ie. it revs heaps harder. I am waiting untill I get some new parts before I try to tune it any further, such as a new air filter to replace the torn one, new inlet manifold to replace the perrished split and possibly leaking one, some reeds to be sure to be sure and lastly a throttle cable to replace the worn out prickley and kinked cable that is on it. The next check will be the ignition timing. All the obvious problems with the rev 3 i am working on are pointing to a lean mix like yours. Ile know in a day or two if ive fixed it. Keep ya posted.
  3. How did the word harley make it into the superbike area? challange a r1......... yeah sure , I bet If you had a decent mufler on the harley you would hear the r1 rider dying with laughter!
  4. I have a 1999 cr 500, Love it, consider swap for lamborghini.
  5. By that I mean the air adjustment for the pilot circut.
  6. I was not expecting that ! Will do.
  7. Was the float set high to stop it from overflowing when on steep angles? also ile post the pilot jet size when i get back to the shed. Cheers
  8. HI I am working on a 2001 rev 3 270 that a mate has just bought, the bike has been neglected somewhat and ime trying to clean it up and get it running as it should. Its biggest problem is that its 4 stroking, from halv revs and wont rev out far. So far ive fliped the reeds over to get them sealing again, cleaned the carb, reset the float height wich was out by a long shot ( low ) as per owners manual but its far from running perfect. Mikuni 26 / 683 145 main jet 5c23 needle 3rd clip 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 air bleed 1 1/2 idle mix screw what ime looking for is atleast someone ho knows the base carb settings including the idle mix screw, also some advice on what the problem is likley to be. All susgestions will be welcomed. Thankyou.
  9. Hello ,Ive signed up to learn more about betas as my mate has just bought 2 bikes, a evo 290 2009 and a rev 3 2001. Ime currently helping him with the rev 3 as its running like a bucket of s#*t. Looking fowards to all the good reading on this site and some lessons in these bikes. Cheers Andrew.