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  1. Thanks Jon, I just noticed the bent kickstand. Any easy way to fix the kickstand?
  2. Just got my bike fixed today by a local trials mechanic, he worked on it for about a week. he cleaned out the engine and replaced all the oils. I started it up and it sounded so much better. I got off the bike and put the stand down, then i noticed the bike is about to fall. I cant put the stand down because when the engines on it falls over?. Is the revs to high?. There is a slight rattle from the engine aswell.
  3. My son has a gas gas 280 but he`s wanting to do competitions now. Just wanting to know the best bike for him (14 year old). What would be the best make of bike in the 125 range? Gas Gas, Sherco or Beta.
  4. Its a 2004 TXT Pro 280, is that a common problem and is it hard to fix? thanks
  5. My son was out on his bike today and as soon as he tryed to kickstart it he knew there was a problem. took 8 kicks to get it going but as soon as he put it in gear it just stalled. It happened again twice so he had to do pritty much full revs to keep it going.He was half way down the field when the bike just backfired and just halted to a stop, (Sounded like a gun being fired), He tryed starting it but no luck. Checked the bike everythings fine, full tank, oils fine. I don't know anything about trials bikes so I have no idea what to do with it. Any tips on how to maintain a trials bike would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, Im wanting to get into trial competitions but I cant because of my bike engine size. Could someone give me a rough estimate on how much i could sell mine for? (04 TXT PRO 280).
  7. Silly question but may aswell ask because I haven't got a clue about it. When im going along in my bike at high revs or off a jump the kickstart just sticks out. I have tightened it but just keeps on sticking out.
  8. Just wondering what's the best fuel mix for my bike(Gas Gas 280 2004) . The guy who I bought it from said to me to use 50:1 for field use and 75:1 for competition. I use 50:1 because thats what the guy told me but my friends use 100:1?.
  9. Im getting a loud noise from my bike. no idea where its coming from but sounds like the engine. it starts and go's fine but after about 20 minutes the noise starts. it sound like a loose bolt but its louder than the engine.
  10. Hi, im having problems with kick starting and finding neutral on my bike. Ive been doing motocross for nearly five years and decided to go to trials after moving house. when i got the bike i couldn't start it with one foot planted on the ground. I read a lot of the forums about kick starting and the only way i can get it started is by leaning against a wall. I have a big field and the shed is the only place i can lean on. I stalled it at the bottom of the field and couldn't get it going. Another problem is that i am having is that i cannot get into neutral. When im trying to get it into neutral it always skips it. Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated, Matthew
  11. How do i go about fixing it? or should I take it back to the garage so they can fix it?
  12. Hi there, I recently got a 2004 Gas gas txt 280 and there is a problem with it. I went out on it and it went great but, after 5 mins of riding the front tyre locked and caused me to crash. Im not sure what the problem could be but my guess is the brake fluid. any advice would be appreciated, thanks.