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  1. Not always the case ive had mine 2 months and feel comfy on the bike. Just get out and practice and see what your bike can and cant do
  2. ^^^ happy days cheers
  3. Need to change the plug on my bike as i thinks its faulty i read on here last night that i need a bp5es. Been to the quarry today as i knew they sold plugs cheap and got 2x bp6es as he said they would be ok for my bike is this true or should i just get a bp5es during the week? Cheers tom
  4. Just spent the day rewiring my car stereo and have about a metre of wire left. Question is can i make a diy wiring harness or does a 2004 sherco have special conectors or can i just use the spade type conectors Cheers tom
  5. With any luck if it stops running like a bag of spanners n is fixed i will be at cowm this sunday getting some practice in for the wed night. Will speak to mr butterworth about that mcc trial n maybe come n have a watch
  6. Hiya phil cheers for the offer but its in the middle of a rebuild after a crash at the weekend so i can get it ready for darwen trial on wed 11th. So if the offer is still there after that can i take u up on it please Ps yea the exhaust was a gold colour when i got it but im only getting into the trials scene i dont know the ins and outs yet. And the rear mudgaurd aint melting also when putting my hand behind the silencer its about the same temp as a car's exhaust gases by feel i will dig my tenp senser out my RC gear and get some readings when its fixed
  7. Now im worried. I know the fan works so that must be a good sign plus since owning the bike ive gone to 80ml per 5 litres (60:1ish) with having a rebuild
  8. well ive only had the bike a month so i dont know if its been messed with in the past all i know is the lad who i bought it from thought it had piston lock so he changed the piston and rings but couldnt get it running so he sent it in to be looked at and it had the following above motorcycle brought in with barrel/head etc removed plus a box of bits. inspect engine and remove from bike, completeley strip motor and replace main bearings and seals (had to have one main bearing cut off crank) clean up all parts and rebuild with new gaskets, deglaze barrel, replaced spark plug, replenish coolent plus gearbox oil clean plus re oil air filter put in fresh fuel rebuild all removed parts and bleed clutch he got it back on the 8/6/10 and i bought it on 10/6/10 if i take it to my local trials dealer will he know if its been played with? tom
  9. was out on my bike today and someone said that my manifold does not look right as it may be running to hot. instead of the chrome it has turned a gold colour can anybody shed some light on it for me please sorry for the pic was taken from my iphone cheers tom
  10. phew! cheers guys now need to work out the ratio of 80:1 with 15 litres
  11. i have a 2004 sherco 290cc and on my frame it says ipone Synthesis at 2%.. So yesterday i bought this ipone 2 stroke oil have i got the wrong stuff with it being semi synthetic? much help needed please cheers
  12. sorry to high jack this thread.. can i ask if i fill a jerry can with 20 ltrs at 80:1 i will need 250ml of 2 stroke? and also will the mix last 2-3 week mixed or will it all settle? cheers tom
  13. cheers guys had a play again tonight after work with setting it up and got it spot on now. only took me 6 more attemps to get the bike its self on the rack with out it falling over in a heap on the floor lol
  14. having 2nd thoughts about this rack now. Ive just had a practise run at loading the bike on my self and what concerns me is when its tightend down it leans into the car abit to much for my liking. Is this normal or have i gone overboard on the straps with tightening? cheers tom