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  1. Back Cowm Quarry Whitworth , www.cowmleisure.com probably the best bit of trials land in the country. Not to far for you and more than enough for you to go at . Just check the website to make sure they haven't got a 4X4 day on . There are places in Burnley, I know where they are but not the address. Phil
  2. Always makes me laugh when your mate says ' I can do that it's easy ' and he ends up with a mouth full of cow poo and mud !!!Sometimes I think my pants will never dry !! Phil
  3. my evo is brilliant !! After having a 2003 sherco previously , it's like riding a push bike !!
  4. Might be an idea to post what area it was stolen from.
  5. I have just recently done some work in a Renault main agents. While I was there, a Renault traffic van was having a new gearbox fitted under warranty , it was 10 days old !!! The factory must know there is a problem !!
  6. In the UK , a Gas Gas is pronounced 'Spanish Hand Grenade' !!
  7. So come on Top Ghia !! Any updates ? You got the gasser in January , you are now one of the chosen few !! You do get used to the taste of mud eventually !! Phil
  8. Just think Tony , next time you are face down in cow muck ,mud , water or whatever, I'll gladly remind you of that day !! Phil
  9. Take off the brake lever and make sure the needle roller bearing that it mounts on hasn't seized. That happened to mine . I managed to save replacement by soaking in WD40 and then re-greasing. Hope this helps. Phil
  10. On our six hour journey back from a job that should have only taken three hours ( thanks M25 closure )!! Myself and my son got onto the subject of floating discs on trials bikes ( and no doubt others as well )when my son asked ' why do trials bikes have floating disc instead of bolting firmly to the hub ' ? I had never thought of this so didn't have an answer despite trying to reason it out . So that is the question gents , why do trials bikes have floating disc instead of bolting firmly to the hub ? Thanks Phil
  11. Could it be something as simple as it has never been road registered ? Phil
  12. That picture could easily have been a picture of my get off up there today !! God it was windy !! Phil
  13. Where's the snow, the rain and mud !! Looks good though !!
  14. Just thought I would report my experience with my clutch. The only reason I changed the plates was because they started slipping. So with my new plates , I did the clutch fix that Dan explains in great length on this forum.My clutch didn't drag at all previously but with the new plates altered as Dan explains, the difference is astounding!! It's now smoother than before with more 'feel', it doesn't seem to 'clunk' now between gear changes so all in all I'm well pleased !! Thanks Dan for your efforts !! Brilliant !! Phil
  15. My mechanic won't have one in his garage !!
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