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  1. Hi shyted well so far after stripping the bike down to grease all bearings screw bolts and linkages I went of to cowm quarry with phill Seddon who is a member of Darwen bol!ton and Rochdale clubs for a gentle day out all went well really enjoying the bike then just over a week ago I set up bacup berg and cowm 2 in my back garden using several pallets and an aluminium ladder and you guessed it I found out I wasn't Toni boy of bacup massive crash landing on my concrete shed base with the bike lay right down on its right hand side but don't worry I was underneath said bike losing all the skin off my right fore arm and off my lower back luckily I saved the bike from any scratches just snapped the front brake lever so after being really p****d off with my lack of skill I took a trip to sandifords for a new brake lever Bike is now looking its best again so please don't worry Was meant to be doing the Darwen camping weekend but rain and work stopped play but I will be out next weekend probably on Saturday 14 or Sunday 15th June if you fancy meeting up for a ride out with me and phill give us a shout we would be glad of another rider to have a laugh with might go to cowm or cliviger Thanks Tony
  2. haha yeah im sorry for setting the bar high i know im a very lucky guy
  3. forgot to say pics of taking delivery will go up as soon as i workout how ☺
  4. hi all just wanted to say a really big and heartfelt thankyou to Paul Sadler and his family of Acklams Beta and Yamaha in Harrogate,for making my 40th birthday weekend on the 3rd of may 2014 the most amazing and emotional weekend of my life It seems that Paul and my fantastic and gorgeous mrs Samantha had been working behind my back with my friend phil seddon to get me back out on a bike for my 40th Samantha had hired a very nice caravan in Filey for us to get away for the weekend and me being me had started winding up my mrs saying things like for my birthday just get me a new beta evo and since Acklams are only an hour away get them to drop it off at the caravan to wich i got the usual put downs that only a woman can give a man lol so on the morning of saturday the 3rd of may around 9.30am i got a knock on the caravan door that totally blew me away,i had paul sadlers dad stood in front of me with a sales invoice for a brand new beta evo 250 i walked outside to find a brand new evo with my name on it i was emotional to say the least. So like i said at the begining i would like to give a huge thankyou to Samantha and to what i consider a very good friend phil and to a fantastic family trials dealership Acklams who went above and beyond in making my 40th birthday a truly memorable weekend Thankyou Anthony Fishwick
  5. hi scoobydo just got my head totally turned by a 2012 ossa factory by a local dealer who i know and trust been looking at other ossas and other makes and models but for some reason i cant get that factory ossa out of my head had a go on it and found the rear suspension to be amazing (rest of the bikes pretty good to)going to call him on thursday morning to try to sort a deal out i think a lot of your reply made really good sense(thinking mans choice)as its trick and good value for money and not to many riding near me i think its time to man up and get some money out thanks again Racer
  6. hi guys glad to hear they have been reliable im just having my head turned by a 2012 factory at the moment think im about to take the plunge some one stop me lol thanks tony
  7. Hi copemech couldnt get hold of the guy with the sherco but have just been offered an ossa 280 factory 2012 for a reasonable price by a very good dealer do u have any thoughts
  8. Hi copemech thanks for the eagle eyes thinking of going looking at it on saturday if it hasnt sold yet
  9. Thanks guys I'm in east Lancashire UK at the moment its proving to be a real nightmare trying to find a good bike Couple of dealers have got 2011/12 evo300s some factory spec some normal could do with finding out how snappy they are whatever I buy it has to be in fantastic condition as I'm known for owning mint bikes gotta stay ahead in my bikes better than yours friendly banter If you have any more thoughts I'm all ears Thanks again Racer
  10. What bike to buy for 3k Hi all coming back to trials again after a couple of years off due to the financial crisis My last bike was a new beta evo 250 2010 model before that 07 4rt I have a budget of 3k looking for either another evo or maybe a gasser 250 or if im a bit silly maybe over bike myself and buy a 300 your thoughts please on both bikes appreciated
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