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  1. Anyone in the area should pop along on sunday to watch some of Scotlands and Britains top riders doing what they do best. And if anyluck you can see me crash.
  2. Got the dates and locations here if anyone wants to come and watch. For more info just drop me a PM. Round 1 22nd April Bob Macgregor Confirmed Round 2 13th May Kinlochleven Confirmed (Sunday after Scottish six day trial!) Round 3 27th May Kirkliston Provisional (part of a bigger bike weekend) Round 4 and 5 9th 10th June Fort William (Downhill and British champ weekend) Confirmed Round 6 26th August New venue to be confirmed (might be an interesting new comp at Bob Macgregor on an other date. Keep you posted!!!!) Round 7 30th September Bob Macgregor Confirmed
  3. That is spot on. Thank you very much.
  4. Can anyone find/tell me the settings for the carb?
  5. I'm about to get a new piston and the barrol relined. There is 4 pistons avliable all changing by 0.01mm by diaminter(sp). What are the advantages of the different size's?
  6. Where are you based? If your still looking go over to Trials- Forum and there is a for sale section. If your wanting any help drop me a message.
  7. It looks that bad? Thought it was all right to me. Think the mudgard got left leaning against something as it happened on my old bike and could never get it right again(till I snapped it), Will have a play on it before I buy it tho.
  8. Found this local to me and was wondering if anyone can give me any hints and tips I should look out for?
  9. Was out on my mates bike the other week as I try and find a new one for myself. When I was out on it the clutch starting to slip when it was being reved. So turned round and made my way home but by the time I got down the hill it was to late. Wont engage at all. Now my know-how isnt the best when it comes to engins and the such. Can anyone help me on how to fix it and the parts that it is required.