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  1. It's a bit of a run for me, but 10:30 is manageable as I would have had to get out of bed at 6am anyway if I was working ;-)
  2. Hi Pete, good plan, I am up for an off road trial on my scorpa, or a trail ride on my xt, just let us know what you can arrange. I would rather be having fun than watching other people have fun
  3. Hi, I have been searching for clubs in my area and have found four that run trials near me, two have practice grounds, many years ago, you could be a member of one club and enter other clubs open events, is this still the case?, if not I guess membership is not that expensive and you get to ride in the closed events as well. Just wondered what other people have done? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am just getting back into trials, I have got a helmet that meets the ECER22-05 standard, I believe this is ACU approved, can anyone confirm this is the case or does anyone else ride with one of these helmets? Thanks
  5. Hi, sounds like you are a little ahead of me, I too used to do the schoolboy trials thing, on a TY175, looking to get a modern style 250 bike at this time, so interested to hear your commets on how these new bikes ride, I am late 40's so hope there is still some life in me to do some trials, but guess there will be a need for practice, I just hope my local clubs will have some ground available to get some. I will let you know what happens when I get a trials bike.
  6. Hi, just joined, used to do schoolboy trials in the 70's and thinking about getting back into trials, so you know roughly how far over the hill I am :-)...... It seems the technology has changed a lot with the bikes, I think the new bikes look like they may be easier to ride than the twin shocks I used to ride (TY175) so looking around for a Beta, Gas Gas etc. I remember my old TY175 had an oil pump for the 2 stroke lube, wondered if this is still a standard feature on the modern 2 stroke bikes, or do we have to try and work out 20 part's to one ratio ? Anyway, if I get a bike, you will know it's me as I will probably be the one on the deck every 5 mins .... Hope to get the hang of this soon. Vic