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  1. Has the coil been relaced yet? My bike had a bad coil from new and had to have a replacement.
  2. I have tried emailing them a few times Dave,must not be any, as the dealers i am to inquire through cant find any info either. Oh well... How are the 2012 2.9 bikes working out? Everyone like??, Dislike??
  3. On the photo of the 2010, the carb sure looks like its crammed in on a strange angle. Motor sure fits into the frame nicely though.
  4. Hmmm,Well it looks as if I may be mixing my fuel soon if I want a newer bike...
  5. Has anyone got a 2012 or even a 2011 3.2 4T. Are they even making them any more?
  6. Had this problem with my '05.The problem is the teeth on the kickstart pinion and ratchet get slightly smeared and rounded. They still look okay but comparing them to a new set you can see the difference. Would be a good time to change H2O pump seals while case is off too.
  7. Hello Danster, You can pick up some pretty good used starters on the island here for anywhere from 1600-2000 asking price,these are well used but still have much life left, expecially if your mecanically inclined. (which you must be if you thinking old twin shocker).The modern bikes have lots of stand over room and are lighter not mention many more advantages over the old twin spring and you Dont have to hop on one wheel if you got one, you ride at your own pace with the newfound grin on your face until Monday when you head to work. You can head down to Vic or Shawn and ride in the junior class to get your taste of competition. Paul
  8. Hi Dan, There are quite a few of us in the Comox valley with trials bikes and some great areas to ride. Everyone here rides the newer style machines. Trialscanada would be a good place to look for bike, dealer info?? The modern style bikes are Soo... nice. Paul