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  1. I had aquired this buke for a trade some years back and it alway ran well but never really ran it very much, good thing, I'm currently going through it cosmetically and found that the nut was missing, figured I had better not push my luck and get one before the flywheel comes off. I have not started since the new powder coat, I still need to do something with the shocks, repalce or repair. I want to repair to keep the bike as original as I can.
  2. Mike at the Tryals Shop came through, got it Now I need parts to referbish the shocke or buy some new. anyone know where to get replacement rubber inserts that go in the ends?
  3. Info PM'd Thanks!
  4. I have a 300 Pro and need a flywheel nut, I've been told that it is a 15 X1.5 can not locate one in the US.
  5. Is there any place in the US to buy parts?
  6. I am involved with CR500's and there are a few people mofifying heads to take a compresion release, push a button, kick it once it fires the compresion release closed
  7. I did not have the time to read the entire thread but I think I got the idea of it, an entry level class with a cap on the investment, what about a class that the winner has to sell his ride for the cap limit, if someone wants to invest 3000 into their ride for a win, then they will loose 2000? aren't there some types of sportsman races that are somewhat setup like that now for cars?
  8. Thanks guys, Going over to the Fantic area and ask some questions.
  9. Greetings, I have a vintage '82? Fantic Trial 300, mostly all there in need of some restoration, shock rebuild, fork seals, paint? I have had this bike for a number of years but is a little different than what I am used to. I ride an aluminum frame '01 CR250 with a CR500 engine, predominantly in the sand dunes, Glamis and Dumont in California. recently made a trip to Arizona with a group doing alot more technical stuff, boy was I out of my comfort zone. long story made shorter, I figured I would bring out the old girl and setup some obsticals in the yard and learn a different style of riding. This seems to be the place