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  1. thank you very much for the techno workshop manual stork , my fan works great now
  2. thanks HRC 1 i will try it this weekend greatly appreciated cheers from Australia , Jack
  3. hello out there this is my second request in two weeks i am restoring my 1995 beta techno 250 and have bought a brand new carby from Delotor UK i have screwed the air mixture screw all the way in and one and half turns out this was the general thumb of rules when i was a younger man but i need to know the correct way can any one help please would be greatly appreciated thankyou ,, Jack if any one needs to source a new delotor carby i got mine delivered to my front door in brisbane QLD from Delotor UK for 216.00 dollars Australian i will attach my email
  4. hello my name is Jack from brisbane ( Australia ) i have a 1995 beta techno 250 , and have recently fitted a new thermal fan but the wiring was butchered i do know which wires go where , does any one have a wiring diagram with the colour coding so that i could follow to fix my techno ...Jack