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  1. Sherco ST (2015) 125

    Time Left: 15 days and 20 hours

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    Sherco ST (2015) 125 for sale. Excellent condition. Recently fully serviced with new parts, including, rear linkage bushes, headset bearings, fork seals, throttle cable, and fuel tap. Oil changed regularly when the bike was used. Break/clutch fluids changed and systems bled. Bolts/nuts renewed as required. Exhaust repacked. Bike thoroughly cleaned, repainted and new stickers fitted. Spare stickers and front and rear mudguard included in the sale. I can deliver a reasonable distance if required for cost of fuel. Bike has not been ridden for past year. Looking for £2750 but open to offers.

    2,750.00 GBP

  2. Gas Gas 125. Pro 2012

    Thanks all for your replies. I watched the video and tried the technique shown. Still no luck.
  3. Gas Gas 50 Boy 2005

    thanks dadof2, I am struggling to add a picture, but if you look on page 5 of this section and scroll down to the 14th entry you can see a picture at the bottom of the posts. thanks again for your help
  4. Gas Gas Txt 50 Boy Ignition Problem

    thanks guys. dadof2 picture attached.
  5. Gas Gas Txt 50 Boy Ignition Problem

    thanks guys . dadof2 picture attach file:///C:/Users/Malcolm/Desktop/bike%20photos/151.JPG
  6. Gas Gas Txt 50 Boy Ignition Problem

    thanks guys. dadof2 picture attachfile:///C:/Users/Malcolm/Desktop/bike%20photos/151.JPGed.
  7. Gas Gas Txt 50 Boy Ignition Problem

    yeah, tried that but still no luck. Is ther only one earth terminal? thanks
  8. Gas Gas Txt 50 Boy Ignition Problem

    I stripped my sons bike to replace a broken gear selector shaft. Prior to disassembly the engine ran fine. After rebuilding i cant get a spark at the plug. I tested the plug on another bike and its ok so it must be the ignition system. Does anybody have any idea what might be wrong. Does anybody have a copy of a wiring diagram for the 2005 model so i can check that i have fitted all the correct wires together. thanks for any help.
  9. Gas Gas Txt Boy 2005 Gear Selector

    thanks again
  10. Gas Gas Txt Boy 2005 Gear Selector

    thanks wobblenorbed
  11. Hello all, i am new to Trials Central and all help is appreciated. My son has a 2005 Gas Gas txt boy. The visible part of the gear selector shaft broke so i need to replace it. I have some mechanical knowledge but it is some years since i messed about with engines. Can anyone advise on the procedure to replace the shaft and if i need any special tools. Also what parts, apart from the shaft, do i need. thanks