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  1. Thanks so much! Glad you like it!
  2. Hey folks check out my new trials video concept and let me know what you think! Cheers
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. Hi guys after a couple years of trials I'm back to Enduro and put together this video. Hope you enjoy and share if you like it!
  5. I practice with the bike and do races with the motorbike and it helps loads, if you ask to any high level rider they come from a bicycle background or they train with both. I'm 1.83cm and I ride an Inpulse 20" and I don't feel too big on it, there are pros around 2 meter tall riding on 20s so it all comes down to personal preference. Any size you'll get 20,24,26 will improve your riding, but if you really want to progress get a bike with modern geometries so short wheelbase and chain stay and high bottom bracket rise. Best price/quality bikes are Echo which are setup with good components and reasonable price. Cheers
  6. Hi guys just hitting a bit of plateau and finding that I'm not enjoying it so much because I don't have that adrenaline rush which happens when I go shredding with my KTM 300 or ripping down trails with my downhill bike. What to do? Alternate between bikes? Any suggestion is appreciated! Cheers
  7. There's no GG factory, just racing. The la St Factory Replica is the 2014, but the last model is the same as 2014 factory just with the Reiger 2 way instead of 3. I will go 100% Gas Gas?
  8. Right, tried today to look wto the target instead looking down and it makes a ton of difference...thanks guys!
  9. Do you mean keep a relaxed position with flexed arms and legs but not too crouch?
  10. Right I can manage that, i I'll try to look further ahead
  11. Hi guys, I'm trying to improve my balance and finding it harder with the straight steer I think it is the most proficient way to improve it. I'm able to balance with the bike off with no hands but I find hard to ride on top of a 20 cm wide straight kerb. Any tips to get there? Ta
  12. Offrigli un piatto di spaghetti e la risolvete subito?
  13. We always do s*h*i*t don't we? Like the best food, sorry it just looks good or maybe Ducati, Maserati or Ferrari...
  14. I followed the streaming of the Barcelona Indoor and they zoomed in to the bike and it clearly had the PWK 28 with the big welded bowl, the same that he had on the Gasser and also there was a red ring below the spark plug so high compression insert as well. I bet that he uses also a Reiger rear shock, not to talk about the factory Tech forks...don't take race bikes as a measure they just share stickers with us?Edit: I forgot the most important thing..go for TRS!