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  1. Hi.i am pretty new to this trials game and i am currently doing up a fairly tidy tyz.However the front wheel is buckled beyond what seems like repair and i am asking on this forum if anybody has a wheel for sale or would know where i could possibly get one from. Thanks.
  2. ok.thats convinced me to give them a wide berth.thanks for the advice.
  3. i,m looking for an older less expensive trials bike just as a hobby bike with the odd competition outing,and just want to know if the early rotax engined scorpa was or is any good,and any obvious bad points to look out for when viewing one.i come from a mx background and know very little about trials bikes so any advice would be appreciated.although it says in my identity that i have a 315 montesa this was bought and sold as a non runner and turned into a very expensive mistake which i am keen to avoid a repeat of.
  4. thanks so far.starting to go off the idea looking at the replys.will probably look for something a bit more modern with a few less problems.
  5. sorry.should have said.around
  6. i have been offered a fantic 303 mono shock in need of a bit of tlc.i dont have a lot of experience of trials bikes having come from a mx background,so was just looking for some advice on things such as:how much should i realistically pay for the bike bearing in mind it is fairly rough but all in one piece.what is the availability of spare parts both engine and bodywork and are they regarded as being expensive bikes to refurbish,and finally is or was the bike good enough in its day to be worth the trouble.sorry for all the dopy questions but if you dont ask you never know.thanks.
  7. the bike is running standard jets and i ride at what i would say is an average altitude.not excessively high or low.will double check the jet sizes though.
  8. hi.does aybody recognise these symptoms of poor running on a 1997 315r. the engine will always start from cold but not so reliable from hot and it idles away with no problems.however on a constant quarter throttle it sounds and feels as if the choke is on although it isnt.any where beyond this amount of throttle seems fine but the silencer runs very hot after about 2 to 3 mins of running also gets slightly worse when it is being ridden.the carb and silencer have both been removed and cleaned with no positive results.can anybody suggest a possible cure as i am now out of ideasnot being familiar with trials bikes this being my first one.this is now driving me mad with frustration.aagh.
  9. hi.does anybody recognise these symptoms of poor low revs running on a 1997 315 montesa.the bike will always start from cold not always so reliable from hot.idles ok but runs really poor on about quarter sounds and feels as if the choke is on but it is not.anything above these revs seems fine but the silencer runs very hot after only 2 to 3 minutes running time.the carb has been removed and cleaned as has the not too familiar with trials bikes as this is my first one and im now out of ideas.can anybody suggest any possible cure for this very annoying problem.