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  1. OK thanks I did notice from a video my legs were very straight and others who were successful were much more bent
  2. Yeah thanks for replies I was in 3Rd gear but I did think less throttle but the time I flipped I had alot of power on and at least got further than any other attempt I did notice people crouching on their bikes would I keep my weight central or slightly back if using this technique
  3. Was at a trial today and one section very slippery long hill climb pretty steep 3 out of4 times I never got grip at all and failed the climb Early just spinning and once I got decent traction but had to much power on or weight to far back and flipped my bike but felt I had enough momentum up until this point to make it any pointers in what I could try
  4. Thanks for the help master cylinder refurbished seems to be working now just a month to wait now until next trial I will miss the one next week
  5. I will look at the master cylinder tomorrow I have had a look at beta UK there kit says seals and piston so just checking if you definitely get a piston in this kit if anyone knows part number is 2008257 can't make my next trial so have plenty time to sort this cheers for the help
  6. Ok so just the seal kit should sort out my sticky piston and clean up the piston while I have master cylinder off the bike cheers for the help
  7. OK thanks for detailed reply this sounds like it could be my problem will have a look over the weekend am I able to just buy the piston where is the best place to get one I have only seen seal kit without the piston for rev 3 cheers
  8. Is the piston inside the master cylinder I don't seem to be leaking any fluid so would it just be a case of removing the master cylinder and cleaning the piston and everything else reassemble and bleed as I have new break pistons to go in the caliper so would do all work and just bleed once as it took ages last time I did it
  9. Thanks for the reply I have much more play than that maybe 5-6mm maybe I will have to bleed the brake some more the brake is working though
  10. Where do I get a brake return spring for 2005 rev 3 does the one from the evo fit and is the pedal ment to cone back up sharply mine comes up so far but not all the way back to the stop any ideas how to sort this
  11. I have riden a trial last Sunday and I have noticed that my rear brake doesn't lock or work until the bottom of its travel the brake is working but only right at the bottom of the travel and ideas how to get this sorted so it works nearer the top is it just a case of adjusting the pedal travel or something else I should be looking at
  12. just wondering are the 2005 beta rev 3 brake pistons the same size front and back or is there a difference or a reason you couldn't use front pistons in a rear caliper
  13. Had a really good day cleaning a good few sections on the novice route only had one 5 for a stall one question do I need to switch my fuel off while walking a section or waiting in a que or just leave it switched on
  14. Well tomorrow is the day looking forward to it although really don't know what to expect I am a complete beginner
  15. Thanks for replies got to wait another week now just really looking forward to getting my bike out properly I have noone to ride with and very limited practice area