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  1. Needing practice

    I feel I am struggling with trials although I am enjoying it my scores are like 30 plus marks off the pace and that's on the easiest route I know I need to practice more but don't have anywhere to go or anyone to practice with alot of sections are in burns with stones and I just don't have the control I need over them I want to practice just can't find anywhere to go just seem a bit stuck
  2. Knocking front wheel

    I still have the plastic guard in place on my bike can't see anything touching just movement in the wheel forward and backwards but not the disk
  3. Knocking front wheel

    Yeah it's s floating disk get no side to side movement just forward backwards
  4. Knocking front wheel

    Hi just been out on my bike and felt the front wheel was knocking when I have the front brake on and gently push the bike forward and backwards you can see the brake disk is still but the wheel is moving causing a knocking feeling Does anyone know what could be causing this I had front wheel off and only have one washer on the brake disk side between the fork and the spacer not sure if this could cause the problem or if I am meant to have anotger washer the other side Any help with this would be great
  5. How do

    Yeah it's called Inverness and District motorcycle club idmcc the have a Facebook page and website trials pretty much every month
  6. How do

    Hi I'm from forres I have a beta rev3 very new to trials and bikes but enjoying it I joined the Inverness club
  7. Rev 3 front spoke

    This part no comes back with a spoke for a techno will this same spoke fit 2005 rev 3
  8. Rev 3 front spoke

    OK thanks I will get one ordered what's the best way of taking the tyre off that's the part I am most worried about
  9. Rev 3 front spoke

    I have snapped a front spoke on my 2005 rev 3 any idea where to get a replacement spoke and nipple from and what size I would need to get some of the spoke is still stuck in the nipple so unable to measure
  10. Rev3 throttle cable

    OK cheers I should be OK then I am sure I have the standard mikuni carb for that year of bike
  11. Rev3 throttle cable

    I ordered one from moto merlin says it's for rev 3 2000-2007 hoping it will just be a direct replacement
  12. Rev3 throttle cable

    I am needing a new throttle cable for my 2005 rev 3 where can I get a direct replacement that will fit straight on no cutting to length etc
  13. 2005 Gas Gas txt Pro 280

    Hi I stay just near forres you can probably get most of your parts from Highland leisure sport the owner Gary is very helpful and does trials himself I have had my bike to him for work and also parts I am new to bikes and looking for someone to practice with help me along if you ever fancied it
  14. Crankshaft seals

    Bike sorted put it to dealer but wish I had tackled the job myself crankshaft seal was torn and alot of water in my carb and fuel bike is much better now and looking forward to my trial next week
  15. Crankshaft seals

    What's the best way to do this