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  1. just wondering are the 2005 beta rev 3 brake pistons the same size front and back or is there a difference or a reason you couldn't use front pistons in a rear caliper
  2. Had a really good day cleaning a good few sections on the novice route only had one 5 for a stall one question do I need to switch my fuel off while walking a section or waiting in a que or just leave it switched on
  3. Well tomorrow is the day looking forward to it although really don't know what to expect I am a complete beginner
  4. Thanks for replies got to wait another week now just really looking forward to getting my bike out properly I have noone to ride with and very limited practice area
  5. Hi all I have had my first trials bike since April and has always been aiming for an introduction to trials day on the 27th to be my first proper ride unfortunately this has been postponed a week due to being waterlogged I was really looking Forward to it so fingers crossed for best week any pointers for a beginner going to their first event
  6. The pins are both the same length 22mm
  7. The advert I bought from says what I bought was for ajp and grimeca master cylinders so I thought must be OK maybe not will compare with old ones tonight
  8. OK will give it a clean and try spinning it is it right to just push the pin through the grommet and then put the spring on the other side
  9. I have bought new pins and grommets for my clutch and brake I have fitted them OK but can't get the grommet to stay in the little recess it pulls back towards the lever when I let go any tips or advice to get this grommet to stay where it is ment to
  10. Right still working on this new pistons in both moving in and out bled with caliper off so I could rotate alot of air came out still not able to skid do you think this might still be more air in the system any help as this is annoying me now and need bike for the weekend desperate to get on It again
  11. Could the pads be shot because of overheating
  12. OK so I have done pistons and seals got movement in the pistons and a half decent feeling brake but still not very strong can only just about lock up on wet grass when I throw my weight forward but the brake is working any further advice to get a good rear brake
  13. OK thanks ordered seals and pistons how do I know if I need to do the master cylinder
  14. OK I have stripped the brake caliper off the bike and the pistons look like they are shot they won't move at all when I tried to pump them out could this have been caused by the brake overheating and do you think a caliper rebuild kit will solve the problems how much Is a new caliper I can't see my rear caliper anywhere
  15. I got a quote of 42 an hours labour and guy didn't seem interested I am struggling to find places to do the work up here