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  1. Hi I stay just near forres you can probably get most of your parts from Highland leisure sport the owner Gary is very helpful and does trials himself I have had my bike to him for work and also parts I am new to bikes and looking for someone to practice with help me along if you ever fancied it
  2. Bike sorted put it to dealer but wish I had tackled the job myself crankshaft seal was torn and alot of water in my carb and fuel bike is much better now and looking forward to my trial next week
  3. What's the best way to do this
  4. How much would a 2011 250 evo be worth in good well maintained condition
  5. I have tried putting it on and off quickly alot of times but not spinning it I can hear the kill switch clicking when I put the magnet on and off not sure if this means it's working or not
  6. Take the earth direct from the kill switch or from down the bottom how would I attach this new wire sorry for questions I am not very good at thus stuff and nowhere near me to put my bike to get work done
  7. Anyone know how to take the switch apart to see if there's anything sticking in there
  8. The earth behind the light looks good I have 4 wires and just have the 2 that come from the kill switch wired into the matching wire down on the fight hand side of the fuel tank
  9. My kill switch is jitsie no solders underneath just like waterproof Jelly stuff I have rewired the wire I thought was broken and I have a circuit on both the wires but the bike still won't stop when I disconnect the kill switch I have checked continuity from as near to the switch as I can and it seems OK
  10. I am using 75ml of oil for 5litres so don't think it's that I have only had the bike a short time and noticed oily sludge coming out of the join of my middle pipe so need to clean this also
  11. Not sure it did look like it was using gear oil as I had an empty sight glass the trail before dropped and topped up for last trial then when washing looked only half full could it be the middle exhaust needing cleaned out on rider behind me said smoke smelt like burning gear oil
  12. Would they not Ware gradually and then start to smoke worse I only noticed after a couple laps as smoke was so bad it has always smoked a bit under load but I am new to all this so never knew what is was
  13. Right had my bike out shed tonight and when sat on a stand level The sight glass was full of oil the last time it was out and run after washing it was only half full could this be the oil running back from the gears as it's been sitting I really have no idea any advice again would be very helpful
  14. Ok thanks very much for the reply is it a pretty straight forward job to do
  15. I have no learned my problem with a smoky bike is most likely my crankshaft seal on the gearbox side as I am also losing gearbox oil how difficult a job is this to tackle by myself or should I put the bike away to have it done bike is a 2005 rev3