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  1. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    advertised all over inc OBM , greeves owners etc . not a word ? what happened and where has this bike been ? its a mystery
  2. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    i would love to see it , i have works dispatch and essex confirmation of registration to invacar (greeves) but need more suporting evidence for restoration and dvla etc , i am 95% sure this is the bike , a pic is the final part for me . thanks
  3. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    that is my understanding but cannot find a pic of anyone riding this machine ? which I think is odd
  4. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    i think this maybe the bike i have
  5. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    thankyou and i have , my eyes are now square after 2 weeks , i have the dispatch record as a works machine but then the bike vanishes ? where did it go
  6. Greeves 1965 Lev 112C

    i am trying to recerch the history of this works bike , it may have been rode by Mr A Camron with a 150cc engine (it now has a 250cc fitted) thankyou for your help