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  1. Mystery solced. There is a star shape adjustment behind the purple adjustment that can be seen on the bottom. I m still not sure which one does what since I cant find tech info on it. I ll ask later on the general forum! Our shocks are mounted upside down compared to the one in the link that is mounted on a gas gas.
  2. This link you sent is for the 4 way adjustment shock. Not the one I have in my bike. You and I prob have the same is called a 3 way I believe. (I can only see one adjustment though), maybe they re counting the spring spanner as a second adjustment and in this case I just need to find the 3rd one . lol Let me flip the bike upside down
  3. I think I have a 3 way. lol Reiger is a little lame on their tech info. supposedly they don't want anyone touching their shocks but certified people. I m not necessarily changing anything without a lot of riding first, but I would like to understand and know how it adjusts.
  4. My dealer is Stu from Jacks Cycles. Great guy but I like to research and figure out things just for the fun of it. Its always nice to know well what you have in hands. The gas gas GP manual gives very vague info on suspension! the trans oil capacity Stu told me to start with 400 cc. here is where I stand: I notice that my Reiger shock is a bit different than models I found online. Tech fork is all figured out. I found a link on sent an email to Ryan few days ago. waiting on answer Gas gas manual is very vague about suspension adjustments. the Splat shop link has a Reiger that is a bit different than mine. Mine does not have 4 adjustments. it does not have the bottoming reboud, hydra stop and high speed compression adjustments. it looks like this specific model only has one adjustment No idea yet of manufacture volume for Trans oil. Stu told me 400cc thats all i have for now. Tech forks are figured out. there is a great link at Thanks for your help
  5. looking for a manual on my new bike. I most likely can go without one but would be nice to have if anyone has a link or PDF file. things that I would like to double check are: transmission oil capacity and proper way to change. shock and fork adjustments, riding mode?? supposedly the bike has a riding mode switch etc... Thanks
  6. I thought The real purpose of this Forum is for us to express our opinions and talk about Trials. I dont like the fact that I m being reprimanded for complaining of an undeniable lack of coverage in one of the main events of my favorite sport. I started this thread and notice immediately was taken away from the general discussion section. Well, I guess I m not alone here. The frustration is real. Wake up, this is the world of Face Book live, instagram and many other online platforms. One should not be expected just to hop on a plane and fly half way across the world to see a 1 hr event. I d rather buy a new bike... There are also Visa issues, accommodations and.... Get real people, We have the right to express our frustration!! I m not asking for a free video, I m asking for a way to see my favorite rider performing. Charge if necessary. Rant over
  7. I am pretty disappointed with the Job that FIM does to promote trials. The Xtrials happened almost 1 month ago in France and still nop where to be found online! On top of that they took off the youtube video that was circulating. For Fans around the world is hard enough having to know who won it first hand before you even watch. at least they should let us watch after. How hard is it to broadcast a trials event on line??? p*** poor job if you ask me
  8. I m not sure that this would be the ultimate factor that would sway me to one bike or another but in my last thread this has spiked some different opinions. to me personally, my GG250 6th gear is nothing short of useless, and kind of annoys me that adding that 6th gear the shifting from 4th to 5th becomes a clunk. Does anyone knows which manufactures do 6? and which do 5? whats the advantages and disadvantages on real world application. I also heard of a certain Italian bike which some owners claim the 1st gear for that specific bike is pretty useless in a sense no one ever rides on it.
  9. I ll get this going in another topic! really would like to know a bit more about
  10. Could be easier to hop or could be just the fact he is more comfortable on the 250. regardless the 300 has its own advantages. You cant deny the difference in torque. I m also looking to possibly get something with 5 speed instead 6 like the Gas gas I ride now. I see that as an advantage for my style of riding
  11. Yes, I think my theory got debunked. Thank you to all of you guys that allowed me to enjoy the burger and beer with a bit less regret. lol. I will keep working my technique and definitely going to get a 300 next. I m pretty sure that 250 will do fine but I m looking forward to more torque and less throttle. Just my impression: I rode a 300 and my 250 back to back and felt comfortable on both. That day I was just doing double blips and small zaps and my bike was a bit easier I believe because I m used to my set up. The 300 really felt lighter during the pop
  12. If you watch the video all the way to the end you will see that in the last attempt I get a real hop and off the ground with rear wheel. I have been trying to move the body back as suggested. helps a lot but usually when i do that I tip back forcing me to step off. I wonder if I should let the front wheel lower a bit more before hopping??? Thanks for all the imput. I do believe that I will eventually get this right just with constant practice but I got to say that I m beyond excited that I might be able to hop on the rear soon! That will take my riding to a whole new level. Cheers
  13. that seems to be the idea that weight doesn't matter but none of these guys are over 200 lbs, are they?
  14. Feel free to leave a constructive comment!! If you have mastered the technique, tips are welcome
  15. been riding trials for 8 months and my impression is that all the great riders are 155lbs soak and wet and no more than 5'7" I wonder if its really possible to do some of the techniques weighing 240 lbs and being 6'1". So far I ve only seen 1 tall high level rider: Cody Webb. I m talking about hopping on rear wheel, stoppie turns, big splatters, flip turns etc... Does anyone know of a big guy that does it or you have to be small?? I m about to upgrade to a 300 from my 250 on a hope that zaps and hopps get a little easier. so far the only thing I ve notice that help is a handle bar riser. although lots of people say its not a good idea, I m convinced that made easier to bunny hop and rear wheel hop. back to the question: what do guys like Bou,Raga and Dabill weigh???