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  1. Inner tube? Improving aTrial club ?

    come down!! I m just a couple hours away! the great Adirondacks
  2. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Valeu amigo, mas quando voce gasta 28mil numa moto, deveria vir com manual da fabrica KKKK
  3. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Just did the first oil change and is 700 ml if anyone wants to know!
  4. Taming a 300??

    As a Physical Therapist, I work with rehabilitation and often people with poor balance! all balance exercises are developed in a way that you must challenge the body's ability to balance itself in order to force your brain to improve balance reaction. In Trials I take the same approach! Challenge in order to improve! quoting Adam Raga: "the throttle is not very important in trials and if you use a bit more or a bit less than you should most of the time you will still manage the obstacles. The clutch is very important. You must control the clutch precisely and if you mess it up you will dab" Thus, A more sensitive bike will force you to improve your abilities and reaction time to control it! In my mind, and I mean (personal opinion), A forgiving bike might get you through the course easier, but How much is it teaching you to be a good rider???
  5. Taming a 300??

    I see around the internet few guys that have purchased 300 factory bikes and they choose to go with a slow throttle (black tube). some advise extra teeth on rear sprocket and also extra weight on the flywheel. back here I m thinking: whats the point of getting a powerful bike and dialing down the power? isn't that better just buy a 125cc and have significant less weight? or a 250? I just made the switch from 250 to 300 this season and although I haven't had the chance to ride much because of weather, I immediately noticed the extra power, which in my case I loved it. makes the wheelies much more controllable and you can rely more on the low end, focusing in the clutch and forgetting a little about throttle. just MO. the question here is: are there advantages in heavier Flywheel, extra sprocket teeth and slow throttle other than making "lack of technique" more forgiving??
  6. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    I have identified the Reiger shock. Sherco is using the 2011 Raga model mounted upside down in comparison to the Gas Gas.
  7. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Does anyone know anything about the "riding modes". supposedly the switch under the tank is to select a riding mode? thats what Stu told me, and I m here dying of curiosity with a foot of snow outside so I cant test it for my self.
  8. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    Mystery solced. There is a star shape adjustment behind the purple adjustment that can be seen on the bottom. I m still not sure which one does what since I cant find tech info on it. I ll ask later on the general forum! Our shocks are mounted upside down compared to the one in the link that is mounted on a gas gas.
  9. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    This link you sent is for the 4 way adjustment shock. Not the one I have in my bike. You and I prob have the same is called a 3 way I believe. (I can only see one adjustment though), maybe they re counting the spring spanner as a second adjustment and in this case I just need to find the 3rd one . lol Let me flip the bike upside down
  10. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    I think I have a 3 way. lol Reiger is a little lame on their tech info. supposedly they don't want anyone touching their shocks but certified people. I m not necessarily changing anything without a lot of riding first, but I would like to understand and know how it adjusts.
  11. Looking for manual/tech info on 2018 Sherco 300 factory

    My dealer is Stu from Jacks Cycles. Great guy but I like to research and figure out things just for the fun of it. Its always nice to know well what you have in hands. The gas gas GP manual gives very vague info on suspension! the trans oil capacity Stu told me to start with 400 cc. here is where I stand: I notice that my Reiger shock is a bit different than models I found online. Tech fork is all figured out. I found a link on rideFormula.com. sent an email to Ryan few days ago. waiting on answer Gas gas manual is very vague about suspension adjustments. the Splat shop link has a Reiger that is a bit different than mine. Mine does not have 4 adjustments. it does not have the bottoming reboud, hydra stop and high speed compression adjustments. it looks like this specific model only has one adjustment No idea yet of manufacture volume for Trans oil. Stu told me 400cc thats all i have for now. Tech forks are figured out. there is a great link at rideformula.com Thanks for your help
  12. looking for a manual on my new bike. I most likely can go without one but would be nice to have if anyone has a link or PDF file. things that I would like to double check are: transmission oil capacity and proper way to change. shock and fork adjustments, riding mode?? supposedly the bike has a riding mode switch etc... Thanks
  13. Xtrial 2018 FIM Sucks (does not suck anymore)!!

    I thought The real purpose of this Forum is for us to express our opinions and talk about Trials. I dont like the fact that I m being reprimanded for complaining of an undeniable lack of coverage in one of the main events of my favorite sport. I started this thread and notice immediately was taken away from the general discussion section. Well, I guess I m not alone here. The frustration is real. Wake up, this is the world of Face Book live, instagram and many other online platforms. One should not be expected just to hop on a plane and fly half way across the world to see a 1 hr event. I d rather buy a new bike... There are also Visa issues, accommodations and.... Get real people, We have the right to express our frustration!! I m not asking for a free video, I m asking for a way to see my favorite rider performing. Charge if necessary. Rant over
  14. I am pretty disappointed with the Job that FIM does to promote trials. The Xtrials happened almost 1 month ago in France and still nop where to be found online! On top of that they took off the youtube video that was circulating. For Fans around the world is hard enough having to know who won it first hand before you even watch. at least they should let us watch after. How hard is it to broadcast a trials event on line??? p*** poor job if you ask me
  15. I m not sure that this would be the ultimate factor that would sway me to one bike or another but in my last thread this has spiked some different opinions. to me personally, my GG250 6th gear is nothing short of useless, and kind of annoys me that adding that 6th gear the shifting from 4th to 5th becomes a clunk. Does anyone knows which manufactures do 6? and which do 5? whats the advantages and disadvantages on real world application. I also heard of a certain Italian bike which some owners claim the 1st gear for that specific bike is pretty useless in a sense no one ever rides on it.