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  1. Just for update, I changed the ATF to the maxima MTL 75 and rode for few hours and then changed again. At first change the MTL that is clear became pink due to residue from ATF. Well guys, what a difference! It shifts easier and has less drag. Noticeable more progressive clutch. I couldn't believe what a difference a different oil can make. I m sure that might be a better oil out there but for now I seriously recommend the Maxima MTL 75. Thanks for the tip!
  2. On a side note? Have anyone ever thought about easiness to control while on a single wheel? For instance, stopies and wheelies are easier controled on a heavier bike! Just watch the enduro guys like Coleman or Jarvis. They couldn't have that much control on a trials bike when comes to rear wheel in the air! Also there is much to say about how that weight is distributed. A bike that is a bit heavier might have a better distribution of weight making it easier to ride, but of course that will also be rider's preference. Lastly, it just amuses me that people freak out about 5kg diference when most of us could easily shed 10kg of body weight. The weight of the bike is more critical to the pros than to us mortals! I had a chance recently to ride a sherco that was supposedly super light due to after market parts and I couldn't ever tell. Just a thought
  3. Sweet!! not only he rides a 4 stroke, but he can save extra gas like that!! #onlyBou
  4. whats the pitch on that ramp? do you have an idea??
  5. How about fuel mixture ratio? the manual says 65:1 and 50/1...
  6. I dont think you can even find that in the US They recommend NiLS clutch for TX What amazes me the most is that at GG website they have 2 manuals: Gas Gas contact 250 and Gas Gas contact 250 es. they are same exact motor specs and everything else. Identical bikes, nonetheless they recommend fuel mixture 1.5% for one and 2% for the other. (Nils clutch for TX) for one and (Nils for gear) for the other. Seriously, I m not impressed with Gas Gas
  7. I know the question has been asked over and over but I would like a little more details: My bike is a 2017 GG 250. I was using full synthetic ATF. and read somewhere here that this can promote some clutch dragging due to high viscosity?? is it correct? I have noticed that I have quite a bit of a drag lately and I already adjusted levers to the point that The "Clutch on" is farther than I would like on the release of the lever. still drags I m working a lot on "fakies" this week, or "roll backs" whatever you call it, and my bike stalls often unless I m on Third gear. Wasn't I suppose to "fakie" even on first gear without an issue?? The clutch on my GG feels much like an ON/OFF switch, Honestly I would love a more progressive clutch. Can I achieve that simply using lower viscosity oil? Also What's up with the fuel? I ve been using 100LL (avi gas) or a 50% mix 100LL/110 octane VP racing fuel. I was looking on manufacture recommendations for GG and Sherco and seem that they recommend just a simple 98 high octane unleaded non ethanol. Does the low lead do any damage? Lots of questions for the wrench master out there. Thanks guys
  8. I love the dump trailer set up! I m gonna try to do it with hinges in a way that I can park and fold or attach the obstacles! I will post pics here as soon as I start and please feel free to add comments or ideas
  9. Does anyone own or has made an obstacle course on a trailer? Any pics or ideas out there? I have an old but strong flat bad trailer to carry farm equipment and am going to convert it to an obstacle trailer. Kinda those that they use on trials shows like Pat Smage or Jack Price... obviously, my obstacles will be to my skill level. Just something to park on my parking lot by my business on a Saturday afternoon and play around. The advantage of doing this would be to have a nice clean approach to train techiniques and lots of grip on a newly paved parking lot!! I m very excited about it. Please share any pics or experiences you might have with this kind of project. Thanks
  10. One of the most common injuries of trials riding is Tendinitis of wrist extensor muscles. As a matter of fact, my riding is limited right now as I m battling it. Less wrist motion is always desirable, specially when you start wheelies or stationary zaps and so on. to have to twist your wrist in extension while maintaining tension in your handle bars will lead to quick fore arm muscle fatigue. fast action = less wrist motion! you want fast action Your brain will develop a memory to the throttle action. fast or slow, you will adapt fast. Throttle control, though important is a very early skill and self thought technique. Yes it will vary when you start more aggressive moves but by then you most certainly will have other more important things to worry about. If your bike comes with slow action from factory, leave it that way, its probably for a specific reason. but if comes with fast action, don't downgrade! and being Honest, if you re concerned about too much power or too fast acceleration, consider a 125cc.
  11. Oh, I have seen enough of him!! Unreal. Maybe we should give him a trials motorcycle. lol That would be the real proof whether or not the skills are transferable.
  12. Good Point! Oh man, Talk about "trick riding" He might be the Bou of that!
  13. I recently started a thread asking about a trials bicycle for cross training and the opinions were divided! I got an ECHO Mark IV 26" anyways and after riding for few weeks I was not so sure that the bicycle can really improve skills in the motorcycle. Yeah... we all know it improves balance, but other than that, the bicycle is still a lot of fun and great exercise which ultimately will improve athletic ability. The following Video goes to show that the Bicycle might not be the answer! Otherwise I assume Smage would be a 22 time world champion instead Bou. we all know that Pat spends a lot of time in various bikes including unicycles! He is also an amazing Trials rider on a Sherco, but I doubt that he would mach with any of the top guys in the world in competition. This video is of him riding e-mountain bikes with Bou. Take your conclusions!! Once again... Both guys are amazing but in my opinion: If the skills were really transferable, Pat would ride better than Bou!
  14. I have to disagree with the bicycle! I recently started a similar thread and actually going to start a new one showing the recent video of Pat Smage and Bou riding bicycles together! I too bought a trials bicycle for cross training and I use to be a BMX rider. apart from balance, the skills are not at all transferable in my opinion.
  15. Thanks everyone!! and back to my question: would I really feel the difference going from one to another? does either one have a bigger "slipping" zone? particularly, that's what I would be looking for! Thanks again