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  1. Em qual estado?? sou mineiro mas moro nos EUA. Gostei do video
  2. Hi Folks, Sorry for bringing up an old topic! I remember reading something about the subject but couldn't find the Thread. Does anyone have a Trials Bicycle for cross training?? does it really help? I would love to hear some feedback. thanks
  3. How to double check for air or water in the line?? just bleeding and replacing oil,basically?
  4. Funny you said that because yesterday was 90ยบ and when I pulled the bike out of the shed the front wheel was literally stuck. and there was no free play at all! I had to adjust the lever to give some free play and while I was riding, the second time I went to use the brake, it was gone! I almost had to squeeze my fingers to make it brake, calling for another adjustment. How can I prevent it form getting hot? Is it possible, I might have air in the line? Interesting about the front wheel bearing, but since mine was stiff even before ridding I doubt it would be my case, correct? Thanks again
  5. For the past 2 weeks my front brake has been hardening all of sudden. It loses all the free play before it brakes or it will brake just by touching the lever. I have to adjust the levers to get a little travel before brake engages and then while riding, all of sudden it comes back and I end with extra travel of the lever and have to re adjust again. This been happening over and over! any thoughts???
  6. I have heard from several people the 2 versions: A 2017 scorpa is just a 2016 sherco! Next year scorpa will be like this year sherco the other version is: they are the same exact bikes, just different colors! Which one is actuate? If any?
  7. Hi guys, can we get these events televised online? I only get to see headlines after the fact and when they come on youtube they are about an year old! also is there any site we can see ranks with riders and manufactures? thanks
  8. Go online. Buy a gyroscopic power ball for wrist exercise!!! I give it to all my patients with forearm and wrist pain. You will strength all muscles at once.
  9. Any owners out there?? Can I get some feedback. It's on the top of my list for next bike. Whats the deal with rear fenders that break easy? Is it real? And is the old cold drag gone? Thanks
  10. Hello all. looking for and input from someone familiar with the differences. Here is my dilemma : I currently own a 2017 Gas gas contact 250 that I bought brand new and am looking to upgrade to a (undisclosed manufacture) factory 300. lets not get into the brand argument or personal preferences and just assume all brands are suitable for my riding style. I was told by one specific dealer that I should not by a 300cc. that it would be too much power for me , let alone a factory edition. here is where I stand: I m a 38 y.o. guy in very good athletic shape 6'2" 235lbs (115Kg) . I have been riding trials for 4 months only but there is a catch. I use to be a BMX rider for over 10 years (most likely advanced level). so my progression seems to be faster than normal. here is a little summary of the skills I have accomplished. I can carry on wheelies (sitting or standing) for pretty much as long as I want in 3rd gear up. I can carry on in 2nd or first gear for many yards use of front brake and rear wheel hop are coming along. I can carry on stopies for 5 -7 yards or so. hop the rear wheel without engine. Double blip and Jab Zap successfully 100% of the time on obstacles up to 3 feet. Splats are ok if I have a flat surface to land the bike after. I still can not do a stationary Zap. Balance in most surfaces and with front wheel against objects (tress/ rocks etc...) have not figured out flip turns. 70 to 90 degree Floater turns on incline 50% successful. 90 degree pivot turn against tree 1 out of 4 tries. I can front wheel hop about 15 times of so but did not figure out how to move the bike as I do. only in the same spot that should be plenty of info!! I think 300cc would make easier for some skills like zaps and splatters but I have never ridden one. and I m not completely sure what is the difference between factory vs standard, other than lighter parts. Would I be making a mistake buying a 300 factory? Thanks all
  11. It worked well! cleaned the brakes and applied "quiet brake" to the rear surface! squeaky noise is gone. thanks for all the other tips
  12. rear brakes make an intermittent squeak noise every revolution! rear suspension makes a squeak noise every time it compresses. someone told me to ride with brakes on until they get hot and poor water on it.. sounds right?? what is proper rear brake and rear suspension maintenance? Thanks
  13. front brake rattle is fine!! that is a floater rotor!! do not over tight it! I had pretty much the same issues with my contact 250! fork seal is a really easy job. there is a video online . are you in the USA?? if so you can call me 518 597 4678
  14. good Lord. Is quite simpler than what they showed online!! thanks for the link! I guess he was right! I m going to attempt to do it myself. I have checked into the Honda but for now this is a cheaper bike to learn. I just broke the seat assembly today. was trying to learn some sitting wheelies. I have called a couple gas gas dealers and am waiting on the price for a new one. as for now I repaired with some rivets and is reinforced. doesnt look the best but is stronger than factory
  15. Got a fork seal leak and already tried the seal mate tool without success. My dealer said it's possible to change the fork seal without having to change the oil. I find hard to believe. Does it make sense? He sent me a new pair of seals but I m nervous rack. I m very frustrated with gas gas since I can't find how much oil that fork holds anywhere online or in the manual. Do I need special tools? All the videos out there seem to be for different types of forks.