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  1. I have to admit being in a total quandary - it has now been a drastically long period since issue 55 went on line and yet nobody has queried me directly as to what the latest situation is - indeed I begin to feel that nobody particularly misses it. With each issue taking a long while to research and gather the information together, not just for me but very much for my happy band of colleagues, followed by a minimum of sixty hours concentrated effort putting the pre-press version together it is not a task undertaken lightly - and I am beginning to feel a little like a busy fool........... Coupled to that is the fact that when I publish a few snippets on Facebook, especially when I include some never before published photographs, I have a literal torrent of responses, some publicly posted for all to see but many others privately messaged with personal queries to resolve typically of the "have you any photos of my dad?" that often I am able to help with......... Does this really mean that reading is old-fashioned, out of date, redundant? Any thoughts, either posted here or to '' could mst likely help me decide which way to progress...........
  2. Details from the programme are attached, please note that Dec Bullock has withdrawn from the entry - but Billy Bolt is in! Car parking –free, opposite the main gate. Admission £5.00. Under 12’s gratis. Catering all day. Running order.1 All competitors ride two laps of ten sections. The top ten go through to a semi final starting in reverse of finishing order. All initial scores are wiped clean. The five riders with highest scores after eight sections will be eliminated. Running order 2: The remaining five competitors will carry their semi final scores into the Grand Final. Starting order is as above. Those finalists will ride the last four sections. Photographs of Iwan Roberts (in action), Jack Price (in helmet) and billy Bolt by Barry Robinson
  3. Former sidecar grass track racer, minder for grand-daughter and trialsrider Lucy, father of Nicola and Anthony and a very experienced and regulartrials observer Brian Ayrton was seventy on Sunday and spent the dayobserving a section at the Kathleen Cockshott Trophy trial at Brimham Rocks.Brian is a senior member of the Bradford Motor Club and is part of a sectionmarking team at all levels. In all aspects a top guy and respected by allespecially trials riders
  4. The venue of the 9th round of the A-CU Wessex Hire British Sidecar Trials championship on 17th Sept has been changed to Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck HG3 5EP and will now be entirely on private land. Details are attached. 2017 MEL HARRISON REGS (1).doc
  5. The Wetheby Motor Club’s West Yorkshire Championship trial scheduled for Bayliss Gap on Sunday 13 July will now take place at Toft Gate Farm, Greenhow starting at 10.30 am 10.30 am.
  6. Attached are the results of the Tuck Cross round and also the latest standings in the Championship ACU Wessex Plant Hire British Sidecar Championship.xlsx Copy of TUCK CROSS TRIAL RESULTS 2017.xlsx
  7. The Darlington & District Motor club will run a charity trial on 20 Aug in aid of theNorth Yorkshire Air Ambulance at Braidley, Coverdale. The eventwill run under A.M.C.A. colours. Starting at 11 am. This will be no 'pocket round the houses' event either. Geoff Lambert has given permission torun a three mile lap on his acres which will contain twenty four for sections on each of two laps. The classes are total adults to youths with a proviso that the Class C youngsters will be known by ability. It is a total off-road trial. Colin Ayre and his team will be marking out the trial so expect good sections, as they usually are on the Lambert acres.Note the date and support a very worthy and necessary cause.
  8. Since, Nigel, (have I managed to spell YOUR name correctly) you seem convinced that I am totally out of touch with current events, perhaps you could explain how you think the attached publication came into being??????? Regards Deryk ORRe-Scott supp copy.pdf
  9. The nub of the problem lies with inexperienced 'officials' ignoring the advice of the scruffy looking bod with a belt made of binder twine who actually owns many hundreds of acres, many of which have been used in the trial for years - then suggesting the Head Gamekeeper for another estate that he should not be driving his Landrover there................
  10. Please find attached the Regs and Entry Form for Bradford's 2017 “WBS summer series” for Beginners and Clubmen. Regs and Entry Form 23-8-17.docx REGS AND ENTRY FORM 10-09-17.docx regs and entry form 19-08-17.docx
  11. What would you be riding - then I can see if that helps - we can't miss a chance of making you famous!
  12. Nigel, In my time I have spent long hours in the saddle helping mark out the Scott course across the moors as assistant to Geoff Fletcher then clear it up afterwards, several years helped operate a time and number check at secret places to make sure there was no course cutting, worked with Eddie Flintoff, photographed and reported the event for several press contacts and also published a book telling the history of the oldest trial in the calendar, so when I am aware, by personal contact with long term colleagues of disquiet in the local landowners and senior managers of the land over which the trial relies for its very existence, I feel totally justified in admitting CRITICISM that I hope will assist hard working but inexperienced RMC clubmen to adapt their ways of working to ensure this great event does not join the ever expanding list of events that ONLY EXIST IN HISTORY. What is YOUR claim to fame?
  13. Trifield is a twin motor in a Crusader frame so Cub detail not relevant
  14. If you can remember your riding number we might have a previously unpublished action picture...............
  15. Nasty rumour around that long stretches of the usual course in jeopardy as a result of failure to maintain landowners and Head Gamekeepers agreement before use.