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  1. Regs are attached for the Bob Owen Memorial Trial to be held on the Saturday of Remembrance Weekend. The specific purpose of the trial is to raise money for charities - so on a weekend normally lacking in motorcycle sport why not join in and do your bit to raise money for people less fortunate than yourself - organised, of course, by the ever friendly Horsforth Club. R G Owen Trial Regs 2017.pdf
  2. Results of the Yeadon-Guiseley trial at Dob Park attached, D Curry.doc
  3. The Yeadon–Guiseley Motor Club Dave Curry Novice Trophy Trial will take place at Dob Park, Otley on Sunday 15thOctober commencing at 11.00 am. The original venue was Lofthouse, Nidderdale but land conditions dictated a change of venue
  4. Colonial Trial Date Sunday 22nd October 11.00am start Venue Farndale YO62 7LH Open to Adults Youths A B C only this is a round of East Yorks Centre Championship. Secretary Mrs Margaret Myers 64 Hambleton Road, Norton, Malton YO17 9DH phone 01653 695954 email Special instructions DO NOT APPROACH VENUE VIA FARNDALE COME VIA BLAKEY RIDGE AND DOWN BLAKEY BANK WILL BE FLAGGED FROM BLAKEY TOP. Please check web site before traveling
  5. Bradford & District Motor Club Ltd. Yorkshire Centre A.C.U.Trial. The John Metcalfe Trophy Trial. 29-10-2017 Classes: Hard course: Adults/Inters/Novices + Youth Classes A & B. Clubman A (50/50), Adult O’45 Experts/Inters/Novices + Youth Classes A & B. Clubman B (easy): Adults + Youth Classes A & B. Note: Youth classes will ride only Cowilng Cragg. Start: 10.30 am, New Bridge Farm, Sutton in Craven, North Yorkshire, BD20 7BD. Sat Nav co-ordinates;¨Lat 53,877745/Long -2.0147064. Course: Road work between three section groups. 2 laps of 20 sections. Observation TSR 22a; stop permitted. Ties: TSR 23. Entries by 28-10-2017 or up to one hour before the start. Free entry if providing an observer. Secretary of the Meetings: Carina Carter, 9 Nelson Street, Crossroads, BD22 9EA. Phone 07837747365.
  6. The FINAL round of the A-CU Ladies championship, scheduled for Bracken Rocks this coming Sunday has been CANCELLED as a result of insufficient entries. Although the likely standings are known at this time - they cannot be validated until they have been checked and verified by the A-CU.
  7. The grumpy Navy Master Chief saw a new face and shouted at him, “Come here! What’s your name, sailor?” “James,” the new seaman answered. “Listen carefully sailor, I don’t know what kind of bleeding-heart pansy crap they’re teaching sailors in boot camp these days, but I don’t call anyone by his first name,” the chief scowled. “It's their last names only; Carter,Davidson,Cooper, Jackson, whatever. And you are to refer to me as ‘Master Chief.’ Do I make myself clear?” “Aye, Aye, Master Chief!” “Now,what’s your last name?” The sailor sighed. “Darling, My name is James Darling, Master Chief.” “Okay,James, here’s what I want you to do…
  8. The Scott Trial. Marske, 21-10-2017 The Scott Trial takes place on 0ctober 21st at Marske. The one hundred year old event is the toughest one day cross country trial in Europe using a course of eighty miles of moorland. The entry list is full with 200 starters. Four recent winners compete. Silsden’s Dougie Lampkin, former multi world indoor and outdoor champion, heads the list with multi British champion James Dabill as well as the World and British female trials champion Emma Bristow. Skeeby’s Jonathan Richardson with his sister Chloe who goes head to head with Bristow. Jonathan competes on the very latest 300cc Gas Gas machine. Jono will be aiming to win the trial for a second time. Malton’s Ian Austermuhle finally won the trial after years of trying. Ian has all the talents to succeed. Add in internationals Jack and Dan Peace, Welsh champIon Iwan Roberts and Jack Price and Wallsend enduro ace Billy Bolt and the sparks will fly. Skeeby also has Will Reynolds up front with four Scott Spoons in five years and third fastest on three occasions. Scarborough former national champion Michael Brown is back in the fray after a season of recovery after a knee injury. Watch out for Matt Maynard, Guy Kendrew and Richard Sadler. That trio will be moving fast as will Healaugh’s John Sunter. Entries are from all parts of the British Isles, the Ulster Province and Southern Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Programmes will be on sale locally from thirteen outlets in Richmond, Reeth and Darlington from October 8th. The programme is essential. It provides all the competitor names, their home town, and their machine. The course map, time schedule and features on landowners and farmers forms the perfect backdrop to the event. The price over the counter is just £5.00 and with postage the cost rises to £6.50 The Scott Trial has raised many thousands of pounds for local charities over the past forty years. Programmes sales boost those charitable donations. In view of the major names on the entry list it is possible that ten thousand spectators will arrive in Swaledale on October 21st. SCOTT TRIAL PROGRAMME SALES OUTLETS. RICHMOND. Victoria Garage. SPAR. Brookes & Marwoods. Food Weigh House. C.J.T..Bikes. Gallowfields. Cross Lane Stores. Arkengarthdale. C.B.Hotel. Red Lion Inn. REETH. Bottom Gift Shop. Reeth Garage Services. LOW ROW. A.G.Bikes. DARLINGTON. Smith Allan. PIERCEBRIDGE. Gilslan..
  10. Talented Chesterfield trials rider Chris Milner lost his two year battle with pancreatic cancer last week. Former travelling partner Dave Thorpe broke the sad news on Monday (today). Chris and Dave travelled to trials together with their machines in the back of a Hillman Imp van. The funeral date is October 10th at 10.00 am the Brimmington Crematorium, Chesterfield.
  11. Provisional results are attached. Results NTS Trial 1.10.17.pdf
  12. Details are attached of the Bradford Club's Open-to-Centre 'John Metcalfe Trophy Trial" Enjoy John+Metcalfe+2017.doc.pdf
  13. Smile, please, You are on CANDID CAMERA.................. PHOTO: OFFROAD ARCHIVE
  14. When there is sidecar trials action in prospect there is always a risk of a threat from Manx crews - here is a selection of them, spotted at the recent sidecar championship round at Fellbeck. Photo; Offroad Archive
  15. The Mel Harrison sidecar national, the ninth in the series, ran on without a hitch after after weeks of heavy rain on Sunday at Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck. The twenty-eight crews applied themselves to the task admirably and were rewarded by opportunities to take points that will keep the championship alive. In the Experts Championship class Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes showed real class throughout the thirty seven sections. Their Wessex TRS just stopping in three sections, one of which, Holly Tree, stopped the entire entry when a huge step with little juggling room had them all beaten. But Norman Shepherd let all the riders complete their first lap then moved in with a serious farming implement in the form of one of Mr JCB's toys, to, as he put it "Tune the section slightly." After the first lap Norman Shepherd moved in with serious artillery, a large digger, and tuned the section: Result? "Large Rock 0, JCB 1" The second lap action started in the stream where the line up the south bank was right on the edge of toppling with chair high and rider down below. William Caine and Beth Thomas were very tidy but the big rock right on the exit line toppled the GWW Gas Gas and driver and passenger almost took a dip, but no harm done and they were soon up and on their way. There were three sections near the Holly Tree, before a 400-yard climb up to the rock escarpment where John Hinchliffe and Martin Jackson braved the cool wind, even in the sunshine. There the fourth section was a climb across a rock strewn hillside with slick grass that Oliver Lace and Ealish Baxter as well as Chris and Robert Pickard failed, Josh and Luke Golding worked their own magic (aided by TRS!) to salvage a dab. Then came the fifth, a totally different problem, where the clubman drove up the grass on the east side of the large rocks and the hard route skirted the same rock but on the opposite side of the great rock lump. The last few feet were the the sting in the tail that needed careful setting up for. Tuck and Nigel Crellin and Chris Molyneux had been the sole cleans on the first lap. The Inters were on the other flank and cleaned all the way while the clubman followed the same line. Nigel and Gracie –Mae Scott clipped a section flag and were judged to have taken the marker out and copped a five which stung just a little. Rob Shepherd was on the sixth section in Russell Plantation where a natural heather lined switchback section did not trouble the clubmen. Caine and Thomas dropped a mark but David Tuck and Joe Newman had problems - indeed their trial ended seven sections later when the sidecar brake jammed. Some said the brake would have cooled and eased but then it could have been something mechanical and permanent so they parked up at the fifteenth and joined the ranks of spectators. Section seven and eight were on the moor where the exposed rocks hosted many an event. Oliver Lace was the only failure on lap one while the front runners ran clean. The final two sections in the dense wooded area were savage with a big drop-off in section ten. Only championship leaders Nigel Crellin and Chris Molyneux nailed that section on lap one. The Inters and Clubmen in the main cleaned their line but Damien Owen and Gaz Temple dropped a mark. Down in the pasture land came the final two section sections. Observer Julia Rose had to give the multitude of riders-cum-rock-kicking gardeners a ‘get cracking’ warning. The last three yards of the rocky climb were hard with one large unavoidable rock right on the exit line which Josh Golding and Chris Pickard found the very hardest way. Crellin’s dab and Oliver Lace’s two were the class standards while Jon Tuck sufficed with some leg power. The two remaining Inters failed while the majority of Clubmen were line perfect. The full results, thanks to punch card scoring were out within half an hour and awards presented a great credit to the organising club. All in all a fine day of sport for which the series sponsor, Wessex Plant, deserves justified thanks. Solo Results: Expert course: Joe Jennings (Gas Gas) 1 fc, Louis Haley (Montesa) 1, Sam Jennings (Montesa) 3. Clubman course: Luke Dunn (Beta) 2, Dane Smith (Honda) 5, Steve Jackson (Montesa) 6. Sidecar Results attached. Also photos of Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes, and also William Caine with Beth Thomas in action. Photos: Offroad Archive. Sidecar National.doc