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  1. Beta evo won't run

    Worth a try cheers mate
  2. Beta evo won't run

    Sprayed the carb and boot and no increase in rev
  3. Beta evo won't run

    Running 125 and 48 pilot should I try different ones?
  4. Beta evo won't run

    Right totally stripped the carb cleaned it again with carb cleaner and reset the float height removed the pilot tower and checked and cleaned bike now run without bogging but if I blip the throttle it sort on ding ding dings is this normal or does that mean it's either to rich or to lean?
  5. Beta evo won't run

    I'll strip it all down tomorrow just find it weird that it will run with the choke on but bogs down and dies without it
  6. Beta evo won't run

    Brill thanks I'll give it a try mate
  7. Beta evo won't run

    Definitely is petrol lol and it's getting plenty of fuel
  8. Beta evo won't run

    The little brass piece the needle goes in is still there cleaned carb again and tried it without the fuel cap but still won't run only with the choke on??
  9. Beta evo won't run

    Not sure if it will make a difference but the fuel tank often gains pressure and makes a hissing sort of noise until I open the tank filler cap
  10. Beta evo won't run

    I've just fitted a brand new pilot jet and no better the bike did ever so slightly bog after ticking over for a while at sections but would never bog enough to cut out....
  11. Beta evo won't run

    Hi I've got a beta evo 250 2011 it's not been used over Xmas so I've removed the carb to clean with compressed air now it will only run and rev clean with the choke on?? If no choke the bike bogs down and stalls there is plenty of fuel coming from the fuel line and just fitted a new plug with good spark any ideas wot the problem is?
  12. beta evo fan

    does anyone no what the standard jet numbers are?
  13. beta evo fan

    i've just got the bike it's a 2 stroke tried a fresh plug BR7 ES the bike seems to run really well no pinging or knocking or bogging i'm going to drain and flush coolant and will invest in the jitsie water pump housing kit
  14. beta evo fan

    hi i've just bought a 2011 beta evo 250 after start up the fan comes on soon after and seems to run all the time is this normal? had a couple of good ride outs and the plug seems black and oily and advice on this?? thanks
  15. hi i'm new to trials central i've just bought myself a 2011 beta evo 250 and was wondering is the fan meant to run nearly all the time? after 2 long runs out the plug seems very black and oily any advice on this would be great thanks?? whilst i'm on how much gear oil do i use?? many thanks