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  1. Thanks Craig,today I’ve just been practicing unloading the back wheel over a small log to get the timing right. I’m very slowly getting better! Also been practicing back & front wheel hops to get better at using the suspension to my advantage. Thanks for your replies!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys,I’ll take a video later on today and post it tonight. After the blip and compression should I be pulling up on the bars or is it all legs? I’ll practice the ‘table top’ today too again,thanks guys
  3. I have a tractor tire I’ve been practicing on,I find I’m either slamming the back wheel into it or the back wheel is landing on top of it. I forgot to mention I’ve been using a small stone as a kicker and I can do it every time. Without the kicker is a different story though! Thanks scifi ill I’ll try that tomorrow! Do you think going down a tooth on the front sprocket would help? As first gear just doesn’t feel slow enough thanks for your replies!
  4. Hi all, Hoping you could all help with a bit of technique. recently started practicing jap japs & double blips but I’m struggling to get a grasp of the timing! I have watched most of the videos I can find and I have a good grasp of what I should be doing. Is practicing these techniques easier on medium sized objects or small stuff? with the double blip I feel I’m going to quick into it without using the clutch? Should I be feathering the clutch on the run up to slow down? Is there any other excersise I can do to get better at timing/de-weighting? thanks for your help in advance p.s does anyone know where there’s some talent for sale?