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  1. Beta evo 300 2016

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    2016 Beta Evo 300. Bought last year,only been used a handful of times around 10 hours in the garden. S3 hard rock pegs,apico snap back levers. Tyres in good condition,few age related marks but apart from that in good condition,starts first kick runs spot on. £3,500 o.n.o pickup only CF48 07961366381

    3,500.00 GBP

  2. Jap zap help (video)

    Thinking back,I’m not jumping farward at all,just up! Also,I haven’t touched my suspension since I’ve had the bike,I don’t want to start blaming the bike at all because an experienced rider could do whatever he wanted with it. But maybe setting it for my weight could give me a helping hand!
  3. Jap zap help (video)

    So I should be jumping as if I’m just jumping without the bike up onto the tyres? Should I pull on the bars too or let the momentum do it? thanks
  4. Jap zap help (video)

    I haven’t filmed myself doing a double blipso I’m not sure how much lift im getting,but I can clear it without the bash plate hitting most of the time. Good point though,I should keep practicing double blip until I can start adding the clutch. thanks like others have said I left the clutch alone after the initial drop today and started feeling like I was making progress
  5. Jap zap help (video)

    I appreciate all your help guys,but just to clear up... i posted a video of me trying to (jap) zap over the tyres,I under stand the term fully. I understand the obstacle can be cleared in many different ways and maybe a zap isn’t the perfect one,but as I’m practicing in my garden I only have these obstacles. I want to get the technique on these before I try it on something harder that will do damage to me or the bike if it goes wrong? Lineaway...you said that as the suspension setups got better it wasn’t so important to punch the ledge with the front wheel as hard? Do you think I am doing it hard enough? As it feels like I’m compressing and jumping as hard as I can and only getting about an inch of lift lol ps. Judging by Jacob429’s videos,he has way more experience than me,and can ride a lot better than me so any advice he has will help me thanks!
  6. Jap zap help (video)

    Thanks for all your replies guys! That video is awesome Jacob I’ll be putting that into practice tomorrow. I can do a roll up on these tyres every time,I’ve just been trying to jap zap up these tyres as they are the softest obstacle I have lol. I want to get decent at it on those before I start slamming into stuff due to poor technique and hurt myself. thanks for all the info guys,I’ve only had the bike a month so I’m still very green to all this!
  7. Jap zap help (video)

    Thanks for the advice guys! More throttle on the second hit and land the front lower on the obstacle! Is 3rd gear ok for this? Riding on your own makes it so hard to spot your mistakes thanks again
  8. Hi all, Hoping you can help with a bit of technique,I’ve been practicing the jap zap over some barrels and these tyres. I can’t seem to get the lift I need which is stopping my momentum to get over. its a 300cc and I’ve been trying in second and third gear. any help would be appreciated,thanks
  9. Practice area!

    That’s one of the reasons why I got into trials,I used to have a ktm 250 exc and go out on my own and I would never try new techniques or trails that were on the edge of my ability just in case something something happened. where I’m riding now is within shouting distance of the house which I find gives me more time on the bike as I can have a little hour after work! I blew a plug on the ktm,always had a spare in my bag but somehow it had gone walk about,no phone signal to call anyone...had to push the bike for about about an hour to where I could free wheel to my house...lesson learned there ill be going to watch my first trial on the 28th so hopefully it won’t be long before I join
  10. Practice area!

    Thanks guys,I have a few more things to go in there like Metal oil drums,a few more telegraph poles and I’m going to make a wooden podium shaped platform. One day I’ll be able to splatter up the end of the 4 tyres! Just not yet haha. I’ll try the poles 8ft apart tomorrow if the weather allows. i may post a few videos too and get peoples opinions on where I’m going wrong as I’m not getting much lift with the double blip.
  11. Practice area!

    recently set up a practice area in my back garden in an old horse arena,full of about a foot of sand that’s now overgrown with weeds and grass. Took me 3 days to clear it all out but it’s coming along now. I can get up the big tire 9 times out of 10 but I can’t do the row of tires as I don’t know how to hold pressure yet. Any improvements/ideas with the stuff I have will be appreciated thanks
  12. Jap zap & double blip timing tips

    Thanks Craig,today I’ve just been practicing unloading the back wheel over a small log to get the timing right. I’m very slowly getting better! Also been practicing back & front wheel hops to get better at using the suspension to my advantage. Thanks for your replies!
  13. Jap zap & double blip timing tips

    Thanks for the replies guys,I’ll take a video later on today and post it tonight. After the blip and compression should I be pulling up on the bars or is it all legs? I’ll practice the ‘table top’ today too again,thanks guys
  14. Jap zap & double blip timing tips

    I have a tractor tire I’ve been practicing on,I find I’m either slamming the back wheel into it or the back wheel is landing on top of it. I forgot to mention I’ve been using a small stone as a kicker and I can do it every time. Without the kicker is a different story though! Thanks scifi ill I’ll try that tomorrow! Do you think going down a tooth on the front sprocket would help? As first gear just doesn’t feel slow enough thanks for your replies!
  15. Hi all, Hoping you could all help with a bit of technique. recently started practicing jap japs & double blips but I’m struggling to get a grasp of the timing! I have watched most of the videos I can find and I have a good grasp of what I should be doing. Is practicing these techniques easier on medium sized objects or small stuff? with the double blip I feel I’m going to quick into it without using the clutch? Should I be feathering the clutch on the run up to slow down? Is there any other excersise I can do to get better at timing/de-weighting? thanks for your help in advance p.s does anyone know where there’s some talent for sale?