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  1. brilliant that turbofurball ill have a look properly in a bit
  2. ive just been clearing the shed out its only a 6x4 ill have to get rid of some crap i dont use any more i only bought the bike 2 days ago my mrs said im daft at my age haha i dont no nuffing about the bike i tried to start it this morning ive got find out where the choke is etc which position fuel is on off
  3. i live in leicester i found earl shilton trials club so off i went on a sunday morning as im 60 yrs old now andi dint want to feel stupid me only the elder rider but to my suprise there were a few riders older than i am . so i asked about joining the club its £10.00 for membership and if you pay £50.00 you recieve a key to the gates and you can go every day if you wanted to which i thought was brilliant so ive just purchased a montesa 315r 2003 reg i was actually looking for a manual as i aint a clue how to service the bike i no they have a honda engine which are good engines i was told oh forgot to mention if you want a professional person to teach you all day for £20.00 which if a good price
  4. hello im new to trails bikes im 60 yrs old and ive just bought a montea 315r and was looking for a service manual